Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Camp hacks from someone who lived near the Amazon Rainforest, May long Weekend in Northern Ontario

It's HERE!! May long Weekend..the start of Fishing season..and Camping..and getting the Boat out, and ....we know, you can hardly contain your excitement! you have waited all Winter for this. 

Lake decor The Camelliafootprints on sandy beach

You eagerly look forward to walking by the Lake, to Barbecues and good times spent by the Firepit. 

baby ducks with mom

You are happy to see all the Mommas with their babies, and Life is just wonderful. You pack up the boat, buy groceries, pack a supply of books and fun things to do, and head out to Camp. You get there, and just walk from your vehicle to the doorway of your Camp, and then you notice you have ticks crawling quickly up your leg. Screeeeaaam.......!! 
Bugs....and ceepy-crawlies...don't you just hate them? Here's advice from someone who used to live close to the Rainforest in South America: 
  1. No exposed skin. Cover up!! If it's hot, wear some cotton long pants and thin long-sleeved shirts. Mosquitoes and sandflies come out in the evenings, so make sure you are covered up. 
  2. Army boots and pants tucked into socks when walking in the grass. When you get indoors, check for ticks, or undress and change into different clothes. Have a mirror by the door so you can check for ticks. 
  3. Buy a Mosquito Net from The Camellia. Our Mosquito and no-see-um nets are a life-saver, hang them over your bed or sofa, and sit or sleep in peace and relax. They are especially useful for new babies, hang them over their crib or bassinet. Ours fold up into a small flat package when not in use. 
  4. No perfumes or heavily scented body creams, use a natural bug repellent which is safe for you. 
Yes, you don't have to worry about Piranhas, or snakes such as Boa constrictors, or Rattlesnakes which were common where I grew up, however Ticks can carry very serious diseases. And these diseases are masked as something else, read this article

bug nets The Camellia

lake decor at The Camellia

You head into your Camp, and take a look around, and while you love the familiarity of some old pieces of furniture, and mismatched cabinetry in the Kitchen, you've just been watching HGTV's Home to Win, and you may catch yourself  dreaming about some much needed renos. But where to start? At The Camellia we can help you come up with a plan, first step is for you to take some photos and email them to us. We can help you with  colour schemes , painting your wood panelling and cabinetry and /or furniture, new cushion covers, and some new Lake decor & Vintage pieces. A Fish/ Waterside Lake theme is well suited for Camp. Find this Tin sign and many others at our store, The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. 

Cottage Paint kitchen makeover

Look at this Kitchen Makeover ( in progress) , done with #Cottage Paint from The  Camellia.

framed signs at The Camellia Thunder Bay

Our prints are coated so you don't need glass, which means no glare from the glass, and no glass to break if it falls. See that Barnboard wall? This is done with a paint technique from #CottagePaint. Take a Barnboard Class at

camo fishing hat

Don't forget the right gear, our camo leggings and MultiKap Bug Hat. Nothing worse than having blackfly bites by your ears. 

robin's egg blue Cottage Paint at The Camellia

With the recent Ice storm and bad weather, some of our Robins died. However, we hope that the ones that survived are starting to build nests and lay these lovely coloured blue eggs. 

Happy MAY Long Weekend! Don't forget to try out our Camp hacks, and stop by The Camellia for Camp & Lake decor, Bedding, Mosquito Nets, Cottage/Chalky Paint, Camo leggings and much more!
Open Wednesday through Sunday. 30, Hacquoil Rd. p (807) 475-3551

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MOTHERS' DAY GIFTS and It's a Spring Thing at The Camellia!

Hello there! You are Invited to "A Spring Thing" at The Camellia! Let's celebrate Spring and Mother' s Day which is this Sunday, May 14th. 2017. Here at The Camellia, we sell Cottage/Chalky Paint, Patio Tablecloths and cushions , Fashion Purses & clothing, Camp & Lake decor, Bedding, Wreaths and much more! 

If your Mom loves Gardening, this gift pack with gloves, garden tools, no-crack hand cream, Jiffy pots, and locally grown Petunias, would be lovely. Here at The Camellia, we deliver in #ThunderBay and #SlateRiver. 

Pansy flowering pots are a lovely Gift idea. 

We have beautiful hanging baskets like this one, suitable for a semi-shaded patio. 

You could send a potted Gerbera Daisy with #Beekman1802 Goats' Milk Skincare. 
Order this Gift at The Camellia. Call (807)475-3551

If Mom loves Vintage, this is the perfect bag for her, rustic with that Parisian flair. 

Maybe your Mom is a Dog lover, then this is her pillow.

This is our Lavender Love basket. filled wit hand-made, all natural products and a copy of #Victoriamagazine.  

Wooden Love saying for Mom. 

Fresh garden Pansies with an Artist drawn Pansy notecard. 

Inspirational word banner...$9.95. 

This is a Garden Basket for Moms who can't wait to get out in the Garden. 

For Moms who are no longer with us, this moss cross is a lovely tribute. Order from us here at The Camellia. 

A Hangry Teatowel...with a Gift certificate from #BlissCafe in Thunder Bay. 

Potted plant with hand-made soaps and soy candles. 

We have loads of Gift ideas for Mom, so stop by and visit The Camellia! Head south on Hwy. 61, turn left on Hacquoil Rd. we are on the left, #30/32. Or phone us to order a gift for delivery at (807)475-3551. ( Our minimum order for delivery is $50.00) .

Friday, April 28, 2017

Colour brightens a damp, gloomy Spring Day. The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Coastal waters

You get these days in Northern Ontario, where there is lots of grey and a damp mix of rain/slush/snow, and it seems like Spring will never come. The trees are pollinating, the grass is growing, and Robins are busy building nests in our trees. And all the Songbirds have returned. The only thing to do on days like these is to look at photos from your Tropical vacays, And put some colour on your Walls.... don't get carried away with the current Grey and Neutral craze. Try the #CottagePaint array of colours...did you know that #SerenityCottagePaint can go on walls? 

Cottage Paint at The Camellia, Thunder BayRobin's egg Blue

On the left is Robin's egg blue, and on the right is Naples Blue. 

Green is a favourite of so many, Look at the play of Green against the whitewashed brick and that blue sky! I can feel the warmth of the sun that day, we are on the remains of an old Sugar Mill in Antigua. 

Bimini Cottage Paint, a bold choice, great for a piece of Furniture or as an accent in your Home. 

Naples Blue. 


Such an intricate structure, historically the Caribbean's main industry was Sugar production. 

Our favourite Reds in Cottage Paint include #CrimsonRed and #Medieval. Red can be counted on to add an extra dose of Drama to your space. 

Medieval Cottage Paint

Crimson red Cottage Paint. 

Red Flag Cottage Paint

Cottage/Chalk/Paint can mimic the look of an old, painted door, such as this swinging cafe door from an old Pirates ship. Want to learn more about Painted finishes? Take a class at The Camellia! Want to paint something with Cottage Paint?  Visit at our store on Hacquoil Rd. for help and be sure to view the Cottage Paint videos online . Visit

There are many Neutrals in Cottage Paint such as Cottage White, Driftwood, Antique White, and Creme Brulee. There are 50 + colours in the Cottage Paint palette. Visit to see the palette. 

We are Open at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Wed. 11-5. Thurs. 12-5. Fri. and Sat. 11-5. Sunday noon-5p. We are 10 mins. south of the Thunder Bay Airport. 
p (807)475-3551

Sunday, April 23, 2017

We are paint consultants, a.k.a Marriage Counsellors, Cottage Paint, Thunder Bay, On

We spend a good part of our day helping clients choose paint colours. Some clients are so tired of their wood kitchens, their wood trim and slab mahogany doors, and they want to PAINT OVER WOOD. Their partner may be completely against Painting wood...and the Battle starts...and the Paint consultant is caught in the middle. 
Why is there such disagreement over painting wood? Read this article...

For those of you who are against painting wood, did you know some almost new Kitchens are being painted? A factor may be the cost of ripping out cabinets and replacing. Homeowners may not want to deal with the mess of living in a construction zone.  

The biggest reason Homeowners paint Cabinets? They are sick of the wood look, Cabinets are Oak, and the original wood stain has yellowed or  showing wear and tear. Average age of Cabinets? 20-30 years old. 

Cottage Paint

Here is a before of a Kitchen painted with original #CottagePaint. Of course, you will be taking off cabinets doors, numbering everything, including hinges, use dropcloths. Clean with Cottage Paint Clean and Prep. Head into our store,TheCamellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. for advice. Check our website

cottage paint

cottage paint

#CottagePaint has a palette of 50+ colours. 

cottage/chalky paint, The Camellia

The After photos - totally worth it! For advice on Painting cabinets, book an appointment with a Colour consultant at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay. There is a charge for in-home consultations. p (807)475-3551
We are Open Wednesday through Sunday. Location : 10 mins. from Thunder Bay Airport, heading south along Hwy. 61, turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. 1.6 km on left. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Send Easter Gifts in Thunder Bay, Easter Weekend hours at The Camellia

It's Easter Weekend ( already!). does it seem like the calendar speeds up when it gets to April and Spring? We are having the greatest Spring weather here in Thunder Bay & Slate River Valley. Almost no snow , Trees are all pollinating ( translate to lots of sneezing), days are warm & sunny, Nights are still freezing. We are OPEN here at The Camellia  at 30, Hacquoil Rd. from Wed. through to Sunday. 
Open Friday from 11-5. Saturday 11-5. Easter Sunday 12-4p. 

We deliver in Slate River & Thunder Bay. Call toll-free within Canada to order, 1 -877-523-7444, or (807)475-3551. We have Tropical Dishgardens, Wreaths, and limited Spring plants. 

Large selection of Water-repellent, Stain-resistant Tablecloths, and new Patio Tablecloths, with a hole in the middle for the umbrella. 

No Bunnies for sale, but aren't these cute? Reposted from Rose Valley Lodge. 

Small metal wall pockets ...perfect for Gift giving, and they are faux, so they are long lasting. 

Mussels 'n More Hand-made Pottery - a wonderful, useful Gift for a special person that has everything. Dishwasher safe, and microwave friendly. 

Magnolia & Birch Wreaths - hand made here at The Camellia. 
To order call us at (807)475-3551, or come and visit the store at 30, Hacquoil Rd.