Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring time planting of Stargazer Lilies

Call it Spring fever..... you are walking along with a list of things you have to shop for, and then you just happen to walk by a display of Spring bulbs. Before you know it, you have grabbed a package of Stargazer lily bulbs. Now is the time to start your bulbs indoors. Start Canna lilies, dahlias, begonias, etc.

These bulbs will reward you with showy blooms in the Summer. All you have to do is remember to lift the bulbs in the fall, and store them indoors for the winter.
What are you planting today??
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pink for Spring

So inspired by the colour PINK - having a pink to speak.....!! Here's a Welcome Spring design for your front door, which I just made yesterday. I'm delighted in the fact that the snow is melting , and that Spring is almost here.

The lovely ROSE garden in Duluth at the Leif Erickson Park, a not-to-be-missed stop if you are in Duluth, MN during the Summer.

Rose-of-Sharon Plant in Sharon's Garden (no, I am not joking, our cousin in Niagara on the lake - Sharon - has these growing in her garden.) I wish these would grow in Thunder Bay ! They remind me of Hibiscus plants which grow in the Tropics.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Headstones Thunder Bay, ON

#001 above
When a loved one dies, the loss , to most people, is devastating. Creating a fitting memorial is a way of coping with the grief. Camellia's is going to be the Thunder Bay rep. for a company who manfactures the most amazing and affordable memorials. A friend of mine gave them a photo of her loved one sitting by the fire in the forest, and the artist was able to reproduce the photo onto the memorial stone.

#002 above

#003 above

#004 above

#005 above

#006 above

#007 above

#008 above

#009 above

#010 above

#011 above

#012 above

#013 above

This is a small sampling of the stones that are available. Call The Camellia to see the full line and to enquire about prices, or if you prefer, you can email us.
"What wound did ever heal but by degrees?" - William Shakespeare

Click on the Headstone photo at the top right of this blog to visit Elliot Lake Monuments. Take note of the number on the stone and email us for prices. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Springtime is coming

Well, it's snowing here in Thunder Bay, raining and snowing in Toronto, and has snowed again in Oneida, in upstate New York. It was raining in Antigua yesterday. I've decided to ignore the snow, and look at Spring photos we took in Holland.

Everywhere you go, there are cheerful window planters .

Many shops have mini gardens outside their doors, enticing passers-by to come in.

What about some delicious chocolate daisies to lift the spirits? This photo was taken in a quaint chocolate shop in Leiden.

And then there are the Wisteria vines everywhere, climbing up and down walls..rambling over arbours...smelling heavenly.

It is March, Spring is just around the corner!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Camellia's Sunday indulgences

Today is all about Sunday Indulgences....chocolate eclair on a pretty French plate.....

Enjoying my Orchid which has just rebloomed...... What's the secret with getting Orchids to reflower? Just a tiny bit of water, and lots of light.
Have a restful Sunday....

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hibiscus Cotton Bedding at The Camellia

Hibiscus is a tropical flower, my home in South America used to have a red hibiscus hedge surrounding it. It is a common flower in the Tropics. The blooms come in a variety of colours, and there are single or double petalled varieties. This photo was taken in the Thunder Bay conservatory, where I sometimes go to escape the winter.

From Nature to your Home...... We have Hibiscus bedding in the most popular colour combination of grey and yellow. 100% cotton, totally washable, great choice if you live with kids and/ or pets.
Come into Camellia's today to look at the samples. We also have a Bridal Registry for bedding.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flowers in Home Decor

What's in fashion in the field of Flowers and Home Decor? Some futurists predicted ( incorrectly..!!) that flowers would disappear, and we would just be using grasses to decorate with. Well...... flowers are stronger than ever in Home Decor, adding warmth, vibrancy, colour and texture to your room. Here at The Camellia, we specialize in designing Florals for your Home. Take lots of picture with your digital camera, and remember to bring swatches of the fabrics used in your room.

What to use as a container? Glass is very popular, with natural dried material used as filler in the vases. Look at the texture this adds to the room. This vase holds a dried palm branch, which definitely brings nature into your home.

Preserved Maidenhair fern wating to be placed into a floral arrangement.

Glasss vases come in all shapes and sizes, and at Camellia's, we have a wide assortment.
Our designer is an artist who creates a work of art for your home. She combines the container, the faux botanicals , and accents like ribbons, into a work of art made especially for your home.

Cheery yellow and blue fabric swatches. So inspiring!

Faux cosmos and Dahlias

Real looking agapanthus stems.


At Camellia's, we have a wide variety of faux botaincals. Come in today to get Camille to design some Flower couture for your maison, or ask us for in-home consultation. Fee will apply for consult.
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