Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rocking around the Christmas Tree

at the Christmas party Hop!

I'm so behind I've decided to forget the whole "Keep Calm & Carry On" adage and just go into full blown panic! (Which sometimes manifests itself by loud, off tune singing of Christmas music).

I know Christmas comes at the same time every year but why does it seem that this year it's sooner than ever?

I've received quite a few calls about last minute gift ideas so here are a few suggestions - scented and unscented whipped shea butter. It's easy to spread and the perfect cure for dry skin (I use it all the time on mine because it starts to resemble the Sahara Desert once Winter sets in). Don't forget No-Crack Hand cream , a great stocking stuffer especially with the cold and flue season upon us. Treat Your Doggyness to a jar of Sally Ander Dry Dog Shampoo, for when he or she starts to smell.

Great Gift Basket ideas: Chocolate Truffles and Biscottis, Relaxation and Spa baskets, and much more. They also make a great hostess gift. And yes, we do deliver (for a price!).

For those of us who're remembering our loved ones who've passed, consider evergreens. This year, to commemorate what would've been my Dad's 80th birthday (he passed in 2001) on Dec 23rd we're hanging an evergreen wreath on our french doors. The doors open out to our back deck and boast a glorious view of the Norwester mountains - he loved sitting out there when he visited in the summer. If you'd like to send a sympathy tribute consider an evergeen wreath or our fresh evergreen headstone saddles.

On the decorating front, refresh your traditional Christmas decora with Faux evergreen wreaths, garlands and branches; if you prefer fresh, we have a small selection of real wreaths - square evergreen and magnolia, small red willows, large red pine and Magnolia with Birch twigs, and Green Moss wreaths.

We also have a lovely selection of ribbons by the yard which are great to pair with plain brown paper for a wrapping creation all your own.

I'd love to see what you've done with your decor, so do send me some pictures. I'll feature them in January on the blog.

And if you've left the impossible person to buy for last on your list, email me - I'm sure I can help.

Hours this week:

Sunday, Dec. 20, Noon to 5
Monday , Dec. 21, and Tues. Dec. 22nd, Open by appointment, Phone 475-3551
Wednesday , Dec. 23rd. 11-6
Thursday, Dec. 24th. 11-4

See you soon!


ps. Here's what's on my Christmas wish list - a virtual assistant. They exist and I'd really like one!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

This motivational slogan developed by the Brits during World War II was developed to offer reassurance during a time of great fear and stress.

I find it particularly à propos as we enter the final weeks of Christmas. We have 21 days of intense shopping, baking, cleaning, and decorating as we prepare for the invasion by family and friends.

However the holidays are also about giving, sharing, reminiscing and all that good stuff so folks, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” because I’ve a plan that may actually let you enjoy the holiday preparations!


It’s always a rush, knowing you’ve found the perfect gift for your special someone; whether it’s your girly daughter who’s into lotions, potions, and soaps or your control-freak fiancée who prefers gift cards because you couldn’t possibly know what she really wants.

Come to our Winter Wonderland Show & Sale on Friday December 4th & Saturday December 5th and discover the treasures that abound. Choose from:
· Monogrammed Linens
· All things Lavender
· Handmade Soaps
· Gifts for your Doggyness (or in our case the Dogfather as he’s soon to be a Grandfather)
· Customizable Gift Baskets


I find something intrinsically comforting, a sense of all being well with the world, when I see a Christmas tree replete with ornaments and lights. Maybe because it transports me back to simpler times – Santa, wishes, helping my Mum decorate the (excuse for) a real pine tree that my Dad had managed to find. (Pine trees aren’t native to Guyana).

Whether you’re thinking about recreating Christmas’s of your childhood or starting new traditions, consider our fresh and faux wreaths and garlands; fragrant evergreens, symbolizing enduring love and hope for a fruitful year ahead, are a lovely touch to spruce up planters and urns.

Ask me how to pair ribbons and bows with unusual wrapping paper, greenery, fruit, and flowers to create opulent and unique displays that shimmer and sparkle.

Hint Hint Cards

As a teenager, after my parents and siblings had immigrated to Canada, my sister would methodically compile her Christmas list and give a copy to everyone. She figured this way she’d get things she really wanted, rather than having to fake pleasure at things she didn’t want.

Our Hint Hint cards allow you to do the same thing in a much more elegant and graceful manner. Simply list the item you desire, include the name and email address of the person you’d like to receive it from, and we’ll make sure they get the hint.

Come out to the Camellia and be inspired by nature’s decorations of snow drifts and lush evergreens to create your own Christmas Winter wonderland in your home.

Show & Sale
Friday, Dec. 4th, 2009 11-8
Saturday, Dec.5th, 2009 11-5
Additional hours by appointment.