Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Daffodils & Spring at The Camellia, Thunder Bay, ON

Daffodils are so cheerful in a SPRING GARDEN...they are sturdy and can handle the cold, damp Spring weather. These photos were taken in my neighbour's garden.

Have a cheerful day, and decorate with Yellow...it's a fun colour!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wreaths and Robins at The Camellia, Thunder Bay

All of a sudden, It's hot. Time for the first cutting of the lawn. The first time one can fling open the doors to let the fresh air and the smell of newly mown grass in. The trees on the mountain are developing that nice lime green haze, which means the leaves are opening up.

What's your door wearing? We have a few Spring Willow wreaths left, they are perfect for your front entranceway, and also natural enough to have at Camp.

We have lots of Robins ..they provide us with many hours of chirping and tweeting. Especially at 5.30 am. They usually lead the rest of the birds in a loud outburst of song. When we get up at 7 am , not a tweet to be heard from the birds.

Don't be surprised if a Robin builds a nest in your Wreath. They love natural twigs. Ancient folklore has it that Robins will bring you Good Luck.

We are open here at The Camellia on Thursday, May 19 and Friday May 20th from 11 -6p. Then we will be closed and will reopen on June 1st. p-(807)475-3551

Happy long Weekend to you in Canada!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medieval Village in Italy

Today we're heading over to Europe, to our Foreign correspondent Ron Van der Ploeg. He was travelling in the South of France & Italy recently, and was kind enough to send us some of his photos. Spectacular scenery...

We will get back to you later and tell you exactly where these photos were taken. In the meantime, have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Keeping Camps & RV's smelling Fresh & clean

Ahhh....Summer!!! I'm anticipating the long weekend... hot temperatures, walks by Lake Superior, Gardening, Fishing, RV'ing.......
Then, Reality intrudes. Sometimes I wish my army of Staff would appear...gardeners, groundskeepers, cleaners, and so on. So far, I have one Staff member - a beaver showed up for Work one day at our Pond, he is busy digging, and piling up mud and sticks along the edges of the pond.

Are you opening up Camp soon? Come visit Camellia's and get a package of Ever Bamboo Room deodorizer, which absorbs moisture and odors. Use in bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, pet area, closets, RVs and Camps. $14.50 for a 200g. package.

Good for putting in your shoes to absorb moisture and smells.

Who has issues with the smell of Hockey equipment? After airing everything out in the fresh air, place the Everbamboo deodorizers in the Hockey bag before putting into storage.


Visit Camellia's in the country this Weekend. Open Sat. May 14th. 11-5, Sun. May 15th :Noon-5.

Lots to do in the area, with all the area Greenhouses opening up. Visit De Bruins Greenhouses, and Belluz Farm .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gran Bahai Principe Coba Resort, Mexico

Today it's a dull. rainy day in Thunder Bay, and I can't help wishing I was back here, in Mexico, on the Mayan Riviera, at the Gran Bahai Principe Coba Resort.

Lots of fresh fruit at the buffets at the resort.

Clear turquoise waters..

Fabulous food and great staff....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers & Mother's Day

M o t h e r s ...........They do so much for us. When we are little and growing up, we are sometimes at odds with our Moms. Then we grow up and miss them. When they get older, sometimes they drive us nuts with their fierce independence. Later on, if we lose them, we often wish we had had a better relationship.

When my boys were little, one Mother's Day , they decided to construct a twig arbour as a Mother's Day gift. The arbour fell into disrepair, and this Mother's Day, my husband repaired it. It's all ready for some climbing vines or roses. On another Mother's Day, Kid # 1 sent me fresh Lobster from Prince Edward Island. He was working there at the time. While I was out of town, Kid #2 had a party and ate most of the lobster. I'm sure you have some Mother's Day stories, feel free to share them with me.

This M O T H E R 'S D A Y send Mom a treat from Camellia's. What about some fresh flowers?

An English Lavender Basket, Lavender calms and soothes.

Send her some Farmhouse Soap.... $9.95 a bar. A small treat for her when she washes her hands.

We have beautiful Potted plants - perfect for placing on the deck or in the garden.

Soft cotton Nighties -great for the Summer!

Does your Mom love purses? We have purses, pashminas, & jewellery....

Just made, fresh pussy willow wreaths. Great for her front door or deck, or for Camp.

We have beautiful hanging baskets, grown in local Thunder Bay greenhouses. this basket contains double petunias.

Pansy baskets with Dahlias in the middle.

Potted pansy Geraniums.

Treat Mum to some heart-shaped Pancakes and Hot Chocolate.............Yum....

Camellia's for Mother's Day......................... We deliver..! Call early for best selection, and talk to Camille . phone 807-475-3551 or Toll-free 1-877-523-7444.
Open : Friday, May 6th. 11-5, Sat. May 7th. 11-5. Sunday May 8th. Noon-5.