Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wreaths and Robins at The Camellia, Thunder Bay

All of a sudden, It's hot. Time for the first cutting of the lawn. The first time one can fling open the doors to let the fresh air and the smell of newly mown grass in. The trees on the mountain are developing that nice lime green haze, which means the leaves are opening up.

What's your door wearing? We have a few Spring Willow wreaths left, they are perfect for your front entranceway, and also natural enough to have at Camp.

We have lots of Robins ..they provide us with many hours of chirping and tweeting. Especially at 5.30 am. They usually lead the rest of the birds in a loud outburst of song. When we get up at 7 am , not a tweet to be heard from the birds.

Don't be surprised if a Robin builds a nest in your Wreath. They love natural twigs. Ancient folklore has it that Robins will bring you Good Luck.

We are open here at The Camellia on Thursday, May 19 and Friday May 20th from 11 -6p. Then we will be closed and will reopen on June 1st. p-(807)475-3551

Happy long Weekend to you in Canada!!

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