Thursday, June 29, 2017

When is it going to be shorts and sandals weather in Thunder Bay? Searching for Summer...

Aaaah Summer! The very word conjures up visions of hot, sunny days, fanning oneself, drinking tall glasses of Lavender Lemonade, wearing shorts and sandals, and being outside in the Sunshine. Imagine sitting on a beautifully decorated Patio, with beachy Lanterns, outdoor rugs and comfy Patio Furniture. 

summer, The Camellia

summer patio

Reality in Thunder Bay has been Rain, cool temperatures, and more Rain. It's almost JULY...Canada Day long weekend is almost here, and yes, surprise, it's been raining all day!! It's enough to drive a Summer-loving person crazy! As for going Camping, well, it's not too much fun in the pouring rain, with blackflies bugging you. 

tiling job

We tend to sometimes dwell on all the things that we want to do, and can't, because it's RAINING AGAIN!! One thing you can do is look around inside your Home or Garage or covered deck, and do one of those jobs that need doing, like this tiling job that's been in limbo for 2 years. Do you have jobs waiting around for the right time to do them....?

cleaning closet

There is always the dreaded Closet clean-out. We might not want to tackle it, because we have clothes we are hanging onto ( in case we lose weight), or clothes we have never worn ( but spent a lot of money on), or a mountain of Summer clothes we can't wear because we have no Summer! Once we clean the closet out, (we hate to admit it),   we can find our clothes easier and the whole room seems to just feel better.  

wooden chair The Camellia

Rainy days are great days to get to those pieces of Furniture that need painting. We have this antique Schoolhouse chair which would look so much better if it was painted with Cottage Paint. Maybe Cloudy Day like the bookcase...or maybe Sea Turtle or a combination of both? What have you got laying around unused in a corner, or in the basement, that you could revamp with #CottagePaint? 

cottage paint redo the Camellia

Here is a bookcase that was bought secondhand from someone who was was a  woodgrain ( faux wood)  look before, and we painted it with Cottage Paint - colour Cloudy Day. What a difference! It now has a coastal feel to it. Can #cottagePaint go over mdf? Yes, it can, most of the time. It does not go over Thermofoil. 

What do you do on rainy days?
 For #Lake & #Coastal-inspired Decor, and #CottagePaint, visit The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On .

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to add Nautical details... Perfect for Camp Decor in Northwestern Ontario.

Camp -that's what they call a home by the Lake in Northwestern Ontario. A.k.a cottage, or Beach Retreat, or second Home away from Home. It's usually on a Lake, situated near forest and breathtaking views. And well, sometimes the decor in these Camps can be a mish-mash of old, unwanted items or the decor can be over-the-top too fancy for a Lakeside Retreat. You want to feel like you are getting away from it all, and above all, you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Neutral coastal decor at The Camellia

All right, where do you start? Pick a colour scheme. Draw inspiration form Nature, look at all the various shades in these shells! These shells represent a fairly neutral palette. If you live and work in a busy place, then neutral is your palette. 

wheel door handle

Nautical details are so in for Camp can imagine yourself on a ship, leaving all your worries behind. 


Look at the colours on this large Lobster who just got pulled from a Lobster Trap in Jamaica. Shades of terracota, dark browns, ivorys and dark yellows, these are all warm tones, also perfect for Camp decor. What will you choose as your colour palette?

coastal decor

 Then there is all that blue, a million shades of blue. Draw inspiration from the Ocean and the Lakes. 

Syndey by the sea

Blues are soothing...sitting on the dock of the Bay watching the water in the Summer. Blues and greys look well together. 

chalk painted cabinet Sklar Pepplar

STEP # 2:  Decide what Furniture is going where. Paint your Furniture with Cottage Paint, which you can buy at our store, The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. There are 50+ colours to choose from. Check out this old Sklar-Pepplar record cabinet which was dark and dreary before it was painted with Cottage Paint. 

coastal Syndey by the sea

 STEP 3: decide what Nautical details you are going to use such as Roping,  Rocks are fairly inexpensive and can be used to accent decor in your Camp. 

coastal decor at The Camellia

Enough talking ...let's show you what a Lake/Coastal themed Camp could look like. Today,we are headed to our favourite B&B on Salt Spring Island...we head over on the ferry, and get to this beautiful retreat, all done up in a Coastal Beachy/Lake theme. Wire baskets holding pieces of Driftwood, collected on walks. Starfish and vases with candles. Blues....echoing the blue of the water beside us. 

Coastal Salt Spring Island B&B

This is the Kitchen area...our hosts have left us homemade granola and a Quiche for Breakfast. Sheer heaven to be in  such a beautiful place with nothing to do but Relax. 

Coastal bedroom

Shiplap walls..., and that comfy Bed. You can imagine just plunking yourself down on it. 

Coastal at The Camellia

Salt Spring Island B&B

Nautical and Beach and Coastal Decor - for some of us this is  Paradise. Head to The Camellia in #Thunder Bay and #SlateRiver for Camp and Coastal decor. Have a Camp and need some help with decorating? Send us some photos and book a Design consultation. 
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