Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Blossoms at the Camellia, Slate River

 Spring blossoms are intoxicating - so pretty and pink, our crabapple trees are in full bloom at the moment. Paris in the Spring....

Truly a miracle, with all the temperatures we have been having low was minus 5, and we thought that our blossoms may have frozen. 

Just making some Boho-chic rag garlands, these are great for Wedding photoprops, and for curtains at Camp. 

Just painted this cute little dresser in Flamingo Cottage with flat wax as a topcoat. Reds are the hardest colour to get good coverage with, especially with such an old piece like this one. Yes, it totally depends on what finish is on the piece before you start painting. Before you paint, read this

Really old pieces like these had lots of silicas in the finish, so even though we did primer on it, our paint still cracked. When you put the primer on, leave it at least overnight to dry ( if not longer), This is to allow any reaction to occur, and then to let the Cottage Paint primer seal it all in. Did we let our primer dry overnight? of course not, we were in too much of a hurry.

Used a Sharpie paint marker to do the word Peony, this worked really well, beats painting it with a liner brush. 

Come visit us at the Camellia, our crabapple trees are in full bloom. 
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Friday, May 15, 2015

When something Old becomes New again....

I am sure you have noticed  the recent change in the What-is-HOT-and -what-is-not-colour-palette, a shift from beiges and browns to greys..and grey..and more grey. You  might think this is a new colour trend, however, it's something old that's new again. When we were building our house 27 or so years ago, it was all about grey, and black, and blues, and all those shades that went with grey. Remember all those peach and seafoam Living rooms? This season's hot colours are turquoise and aqua and every shade of blue and green and in-between. Well, we ripped out all that grey and black tile, repainted the blue walls, replaced it with browns and Tuscan colours....only to find out that sigh, yes, it's all ABOUT THE GREY NOW!! Paint rollers, where are you? 

Here is some of that grey tile leftover from some project 30 years being repurposed into a store display.

Are you in the same boat as I want to update but you don't want to blindly follow a trend that may be outdated in a few years... after all, who has the time and money to redo their decor every few years? It makes sense to try to do some research...check out
Here are some design sites for Inspiration:,

Pinterest is of course, a great source of Inspiration. 
Watch HGTV - Sweet Home Alabama with Shaunna. Another great show is Fixer-Upper with Joanna & Chip.

Speaking of something old becoming New again..take a look at our not-too-Shabby-Chic Table that was just redone with Cottage Paint - Dove Grey. This was a table that was thrown out, in really bad shape, and sat in our garage for 2 years ( at least). First step, glue and repair with wood filler.
Then some reconfiguring and TLC as the centre insert was missing, and wood detail on some of the legs was missing. A coat of Cottage Paint primer as this table is so old, there's no telling what is on it. If you are redoing a piece with Cottage Paint, be sure to read this first

Before - gluing and cleaning underway.

Filling the areas with Wood filler, sanding, then coating with clear Primer, 2 coats, allowing 2 hours between coats.

Leave overnight, then paint.

But look at that table now...

Chairs have been refinished with Cottage Paint - base colour is Evening Sky, followed by multiple layers of various colours. We have a set of 4 of these chairs for sale, solid wood, with grey linen seats.

We have Beginners classes in Cottage Paint...on today, Friday, May 15th. at 6.30. Keep checking our website for the next class, or email us.

Have  a great MAY long weekend   ... stay safe on the roads and stop by and see us at The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On .
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

P.s. I Love You, Mom

P.s.  I love you, Mom


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How many of us have really thought about what our Mom has done for us.....that is, not until we have our own babies. Then we start to appreciate all the joys and hard work and sleepless nights that go along with parenting. 

How many times have we yelled back at our Mom..Yes, Mom, I know...!! I'll wear a sweater because it's raining, it's still 85F out there, not cold at all. (My early childhood was in South America..)
Don't buy me any plants, she says, I can't take care of them anymore. Next time you visit, the Ficus Benjamina you gave her last time has grown at least 2 feet, and is now wearing her sweater out on the deck, and she's calling baby..and you get weekly progress reports on leaf drop.

What stories do you have about your mom?

This Mother's Day, visit The Camellia, and get Mom a special Gift. A Rocky Mountain Gift basket filled with vanilla & coconut products. How about a Beekman 1802 gift basket, natural product made from Goat's Milk. 

Gardening season is coming up, get her a hanging Plant basket, locally grown in Thunder Bay. Just in, fresh Spanish Lavender plants, in bloom. These are fast growers, and they bloom all Summer long. We deliver in Thunder Bay and surrounding area. Shop online at
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This Spring's hottest look...leggings paired with a nice top, and THE SCARF. Come in to see out great selection of scarves, in shades of blues, pinks, & aqua. 

So much excitement..we can barely contain ourselves..onwards with Spring !!

We have Beginner Cottage Paint classes coming up on Thursday, May 14th. ( some spaces left) from  6.30 - 9ish, and on Friday, May 15th. ( class is full at this time, unless someone cancels))  6.30 - 9ish. Same class runs both days, phone 475-3551 to register. There are other classes, such as our Lavender Gather, on our website. 
This week we are open, 

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Enjoy your weekend, see you soon at The Camellia!!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello May!!

Happy May Day!!. 
Goodbye to putting on heavy Winter coats, and boots, and hats , and layers. Hello sandals..and Birks..and flip-flops. I was woken up this morning by chirpy Robins, and sung to sleep by frogs. There are some geese in the back 40 and a pair of ducks. 

Come visit #TheCamellia, try Rocky Mountain Soap wash - in yummy vanilla & coconut. 
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