Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring Blossoms at the Camellia, Slate River

 Spring blossoms are intoxicating - so pretty and pink, our crabapple trees are in full bloom at the moment. Paris in the Spring....

Truly a miracle, with all the temperatures we have been having low was minus 5, and we thought that our blossoms may have frozen. 

Just making some Boho-chic rag garlands, these are great for Wedding photoprops, and for curtains at Camp. 

Just painted this cute little dresser in Flamingo Cottage with flat wax as a topcoat. Reds are the hardest colour to get good coverage with, especially with such an old piece like this one. Yes, it totally depends on what finish is on the piece before you start painting. Before you paint, read this

Really old pieces like these had lots of silicas in the finish, so even though we did primer on it, our paint still cracked. When you put the primer on, leave it at least overnight to dry ( if not longer), This is to allow any reaction to occur, and then to let the Cottage Paint primer seal it all in. Did we let our primer dry overnight? of course not, we were in too much of a hurry.

Used a Sharpie paint marker to do the word Peony, this worked really well, beats painting it with a liner brush. 

Come visit us at the Camellia, our crabapple trees are in full bloom. 
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