Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My enthusiastic young shopper The Camellia, Slate River, On

How often we forget the simple pleasures in life jumping through a sprinkler on  a hot day ... yelling and squealing with excitement. I was visiting at someone's house, and watched a little girl next door running in and out of the sprinkler with her Mom. 

All day long you may have been daydreaming of being by Lake Superior, maybe longing to be near the Lake, and reality was that you were stuck at work with deadlines to meet. The good news is that in Thunder Bay you're never more than half an hour away from the Lake. How will you spend your time away from work today? 

So the other day we had a group of shoppers at our store, The Camellia, and a little girl was with them, she was maybe 5 or 6 years old. Her Aunt is looking around our store, and the little girl is kind of ,... well,... bored. They go upstairs, and I hear an excited..."Look at This Bed, I LOVE this Bed, and those Pillows...!!!" 

I get asked....." How much is it for the whole Bed? I want this WHOLE bed, all these pillows, I would be so comfortable on those, and the net, and the bed...and I WANT IT ALL!!" 

SO nice to hear such enthusiasm..!! How bored we get as adults. And she is right..this Bedding is our Brunelli line, it's 100% cotton, is super comfy, and washes like a dream. It comes in sizes from Twin to extra King. Come into our store to see the Brunelli catalogue, If patterns are in stock, you can receive your order in 10-12 business days. 

Our Mosquito nets are 40 feet wide on the bottom, and they work to keep the bugs away. We also have in stock at The Camellia, Noseeum nets, which are super fine ( 126 holes per square inch).  

Anyway, even when her Aunt had gone back down the stairs, the little girl could not stop talking about THE BED, so she ran back upstairs to take a photo ( with her pink I-Phone) so she could show her Dad. ( I am at this point feeling slightly archaic as I am one of those people with no smart phone). Her enthusiasm and excitement were contagious. 

Visit The Camellia, for luxurious, oh-so-soft Cotton Bedding, and Mosquito and Noseeum Nets. 
30, Hacquoil Rd. Open Wednesday through Sunday, p.(807)475-3551

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day off at Lake Superior, Naniboujou Lodge & Gran Marais, MN

What better way is there to spend a day off than driving and hiking along the shores of Lake Superior? It was a perfect day for being near the Lake, it was sunny and hot. Driving from Thunder Bay to Gran Marais one should pack a hoodie as you never know when the breeze might be blowing off the Lake, which makes it a bit chilly.

A great place to stop for Lunch is Naniboujou Lodge, a historic Lodge, where you can stay overnight. 

The Dining Lounge is awash in colour  ..a peaceful place where one can recharge one's weary self. 

What a cozy spot to sit on a crisp, Fall day. 

Where did they find all the pigments to complete the artwork in the dining Lounge in 1929?  A menu from way back states the price of Lunch - $1.29. We ordered the Salmon soup and the Naniboujou sandwich combo. It was wonderful. Afterwards you can wander outside for a stroll beside Lake Superior. 

While we were at the Lake, we did a photo shoot for some of the new blues of Cottage Paint. it's a chalk-like paint which you can paint onto wood, without sanding or stripping. Buy online at or come into our store, The Camellia and buy some. 

Onward to Gran Marais to get some yummy custard ice-cream at  Syndeys' Frozen Custard.
Just like the ice-cream my Mom used to make from scratch with milk, eggs and sugar. Yummy!

You can take your custard and sit upstairs for a spectacular view..move over Greek Islands!

The onwards for a hike beside the Lake, past the Marine Coastguard. 

Formations of rocks and water. 

Here at The Camellia, we sell noseeum nets, they are 40 ft. wide on the bottom - we sure could have used one of these by the Lake, there were these ankle-biter flies, they look like houseflies, but they bite. I wrapped my feet up with some towels, and this seemed to help. 

It's hard to see with the plastic over the net, but the mesh is super fine. 

When was the last time you took a day off? Think about spending it beside a Lake. If you are heading to Gran Marais for the day from Thunder Bay, stop by and visit The Camellia. Turn left on Hacquoil Rd. we are at #30, on the left, 1.6km. off Highway 61. 
The Camellia, Open Wednesday through Sunday. 
30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Goodies at The Camellia, Slate River, ON

SUMMER GOODIES - Just Arrived! New Cottage Paint colours, Summer scarves & shrugs, DIY Wreaths



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Its' Summer and it's Hot...! (Us ex-Caribbean people like to have heat). And it still cools off at night, so it's just perfect. We hope you are getting out and enjoying your Summer.  

We're excited about the new Cottage Paint colours, come into our store to look at the colour sticks. Naples blue, sea turtle, blue blazer, beechwood, chives, expresso, black hawk, cottage white.The expresso is a nice, dark, rich brown, great for painting outdated cabinets. We just received a huge shipment of paint, so everything is back in stock.
Every day we get phone calls about whether Cottage Paint can go over glossy surfaces, yes, it can - look at the table above that's being painted.
Summer Wreaths add a welcoming touch to your entranceway. We have loads of realistic-looking flowers and greens to DIY your own, or we can make one for you. 
We have a great selection of Summer scarves - some of you are thinking, what do I need a scarf for, it's Summer. Well, if you're driving in your convertible, a scarf comes in handy to tie back your hair. They are great for that cool a/c in the office. Lush Summer melons and turquoise colours in stock now. 

  • The rain has finally stopped , wish we could say the same for the noseeums and mosquitoes.  Just arrived areNo-see-um nets, and Mosquito nets. These fit over a King-sized bed, or a picnic table, or can be used in a camper. The hoop folds down into a tiny bag. $39.95, & $49.99 
  • Get yourself a MultiKap, with a tube of Breakout Buster. The MultiKap prevents bugs from biting the face and neck area, and  Breakout buster from Rocky Mountain Soap stops the swelling and itching. Check out the Mutikap video http://  MultiKap $29.99, Breakout Buster $9.50 
July is the month to take a class at The Camellia! Our classes are listed on our website, and in the July issue of the Walleye. 
Fri. July 10th. Beginners Cottage Paint ( 1 space left)
Thurs. July 16th. Garden Party Vase design ( lots of spaces)
Fri. July 17th. Antique Shoe last with Cottage Paint ( lots of room)
Wed. July 22nd. Beginners Cottage Paint ( this class is Full, unless someone cancels)
Fri. July 24th. Provencal Lavender Gather ( lots of space)

Come shop in-store at The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Open this Wed. 11-5, Thurs. noon-6, Fri. 11-5,  Sat. 11-5 & Sunday 12-5. 
Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-5, Fri. 11-5, Sat. 11-5. and Sunday 12-5p.

 See you soon at The Camellia!!

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How do I get there?   We are 10 mins. from the Thunder Bay Airport, heading south on Hwy. 61. Turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. We are 1.6km. on the left.    Phone 807) 475-3551


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