Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lake Superior inspired decor.

It's almost May...and the start of  fishing season. Here in Thunder Bay we are blessed to live on the shores of Lake Superior. Why not decorate your Camp in Lake Superior style? 

At The Camellia, we sell all kinds of Lake related decor - signs, starfish, seashells, etc. LAKE is an easy decor theme to do - think canoe shelves, rocks, birch poles, and colours that echo the water, sky, rocks and trees. We have 1 Canoe shelf for sale. 

How about this birch log fabric, good for making a quick cover up on a tension rod to hide shleving. That's Turquoise Cottage Paint used on the Birdhouse. 

Stop by The Camellia and get one of our fabulously easy Tablecloths - water just beads up and rolls off, enabling you to wipe up a spill before it sets in. No more plastic on your table. Can you throw these babies in the wash? Yes, they are polyester. 
Sizes : rectangles that are 78" long, 94" long, 126" long.
            70" square for pub style tables
             70 " rounds
We stock most sizes, and can order in the 126" rectangle.

Here is a  70" round.

Need furniture for your Cottage? You can special order custom-made wooden furniture here.

For Lake Inspiration and lots more, Visit the Camellia, 
30 Hacquoil Rd. 
Slate River, On 
p.807-475-3551 www.thecamellia.com
Open Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-5, Friday 12-5, Sat. 11-5, Sun. 12-5

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gifts for Spring & Mother's Day at The Camellia

Hello everyone! It has been an incredibly busy week - a big Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Spring Home & Garden show 2015!
You know it's Springtime when you have this sudden urge to clean up and get rid of every trace of mess and Winter stuff. We have been reorganizing in the store - a tortuous, slow process, but well worth it. The geese are returning, the robins are back, and soon the miracle of new life begins. 
Visit us at the store for Rocky Mountain Soap products. These are all- natural, made in Canmore, B.C. 

This product works so well on cold sores, bug bites, and breakouts. In stock now at the Camellia.

Mother's Day is fast approaching - order Flowers for delivery , at 1-877-523-7444

Stop by to see our new painted furniture pieces for sale.

Metal Garden Art - Hand cut, and treated with heat to get that nice colour.

Set of 4 antique chairs for sale, see them in store.  

Stop by and visit The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River. On
we look forward to seeing you! 
Open Wed. 11-5, Thurs. Noon-5, Fri. 11-5. Sat. 11-5. Sunday Noon-5p.
Go south on Hwy. 61, turn left on Hacquoil Rd ( 1st road after Little Norway Rd. Is Hacquoil )

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sarah Richardson new series : Rental Cottage

Sarah Richardson's new series: Rental Cottage made its debut this week. Check it out at Design Maze : http://designmaze-tim.blogspot.ca/2015/04/sarahs-cottage-rental-living-room.html
We were busy getting our booth ready for the Spring Home & Garden show, so I was unable to watch the actual show,  it's nice to have all the information on Design Maze. 
Why are Cottages so popular? I don't own one, as I already live in the Country and the thought of looking after another place sans staff makes me shudder. However, renting a Cottage for a week holds great appeal. 

Water always helps one de-stress.

If you have a garden at the Cottage, it's always fun to arrange flowers in a vase. 

And the best part is being awakened by happy bird chirping. 

Just having time to unwind, unplug, and just be. The cessation of rushing around, having to consult your to-do list , and looking at your watch every 10 minutes. 

It's nice to not have to rush through a meal, 

To discover new life. 

What do you love about Cottage Living? 
For hand-made accessories, cotton Bedding, & Mosquito nets, visit the Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. 
Open Wed. through Sunday. p(807)475-3551

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Home & Garden show 2015, the Camellia.

Yes! It's April and the start of Spring ! And the Spring Home & Garden show.
Come visit The Camellia in the Coliseum building at the CLE, Booths 2 & 3.

These are so not made in China - hand made in Thunder Bay, cut by hand from stainless, and heat etched. Perfect for your garden.

Antique chairs, originally from North Carolina, restored and painted with Cottage Paint. For sale as a set of 4, at the Spring Home & Garden show 2015. 

Antique end table, restored with Cottage Paint - colour Anchor Grey. 

Garden decor -- with metal Butterfly. Love this colour combo, this season it's all about Aqua and Turquoise. 

Signs for Garden & Cottage. 

Repaint your Kitchen Cabinets with Cottage Paint -sign up for classes at www.thecamellia.com

Uncrating Spring - add a burst of instant colour with Kalanchoes, for sale at our booth. 

Handmade Bluejays. 

Beekman Boys 1802 Goat's Milk soap for a special Gift. We have lots more , so stop by and see The Camellia at the Spring show 2015, in the Coliseum . 
Friday, April 10, 4-9p.
Sat. April 11th. 10-6p.
Sunday, April 12, 11-4pm.
Note that our store on Hacquoil Rd. will be closed this Fri. Sat. and Sunday. 

For more information on the Spring Home & Garden show 2015, visit www.springhomeandgardenshow.wordpress.com

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Seems like everyone is celebrating the 4 day long weekend. Easter seems to come way too early for me, I somehow expect warm weather, green grass, and fuzzy-wuzzy yellow chicks, RIGHT NOW. Not in 2 months.  Have lots of  memories of racing off to the seawall/ beach to go Kite flying, the vehicle loaded up with all my cousins and large containers of food. Reality here has been snow and ice, and mucky mess outside, and no sign of Mr. & Mrs. Robin.

I want to see Flowers, and green grass. How about you? 

Pansies are so cheerful 

We are now taking orders for Willow wreaths...all sold out at the moment. Call 475-3551 to put your name on a waiting list.

Cheer someone up this Easter with  some flowering Spring bulbs.

Can't wait until the Robin shenanigans...they build their nests in the most unsafe locations, then start clucking at you in annoyance because you need to use whatever it is that they have built their nest around. Of course there is that moment of sheer delight when you spot Robin babies in their nest. 

Come visit us at The Camellia -- we are Open Easter Saturday, April 4th.2015 from 11-5p. Sunday from 12-4p. phone (807)475-3551. 

Don't forget The Spring Home And Garden show is coming up next weekend - April 10, 11, 12th. 2015 at the CLE & Sportsdome.