Monday, April 13, 2015

Sarah Richardson new series : Rental Cottage

Sarah Richardson's new series: Rental Cottage made its debut this week. Check it out at Design Maze :
We were busy getting our booth ready for the Spring Home & Garden show, so I was unable to watch the actual show,  it's nice to have all the information on Design Maze. 
Why are Cottages so popular? I don't own one, as I already live in the Country and the thought of looking after another place sans staff makes me shudder. However, renting a Cottage for a week holds great appeal. 

Water always helps one de-stress.

If you have a garden at the Cottage, it's always fun to arrange flowers in a vase. 

And the best part is being awakened by happy bird chirping. 

Just having time to unwind, unplug, and just be. The cessation of rushing around, having to consult your to-do list , and looking at your watch every 10 minutes. 

It's nice to not have to rush through a meal, 

To discover new life. 

What do you love about Cottage Living? 
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