Thursday, June 14, 2018

How to enjoy your Summer before it's all gone, The Camellia, Slate River

Hello! It's Summer in Slate River Valley.  We are enjoying some beautiful Summer weather and we should be laying around on the patio, reading a book, and enjoying ourselves, with a glass of Lavender lemonade or wine.  Wait a second, you said, you're not laying around? But why not? You've waited all Winter for Summer! 

kitchen garden

You reply: 

THE GARDEN! Someone has to plant it, all the planters have to be planted and watered. The lawn needs cutting. Take a look at Thomas Jefferson's Kitchen Garden in the above photo, at Monticello. He didn't do it all by himself, he had workers. When one of our kids was little, he loved to mow the grass...he would be begging to use the lawnmower with snow on the ground. That did not last! Maybe it's time to hire a company to do yardwork, or bribe someone else to do it...

HOME RENOVATIONS! Your Kitchen may have needed Renovating years ago, and you put it off, until finally, this is the year. You order flooring, look at a million paint samples, and you press on. Of course, you've forgotten that you are still using the kitchen every mealtime...and now, the contents of your cupboards are in boxes, and you can't find anything. 

We may run a Kitchen Cabinet Class, so let us know if you are interested, just click, reply on this email. We are repainting our Oak kitchen cabinets, as we speak. Here they are below, you can see our Before (Oak) doors, the uppers are being painted white, and the lowers will be Asphalt Grey Cottage Paint. See that white door, can you believe that is the same oak door as the door behind it? 

oak cabinet doors at The Camellia

KIDS ACTIVITIES AND YOUR JOBS. Ever wonder why you can't get stuff done? You are at work all week, then the weekend comes, your kids are in Hockey or Soccer, and you spend most of your weekends out of town at Tournaments. Let's not mention cleaning your Home, laundry, etc. Then Monday comes all too quickly, and you walk into work, wondering what fresh hell awaits you this week.


Decide what is most important on your To-Do list.

If you're planning on painting your Furniture or your cabinets,  plan it around a long weekend, head to our store, the Camellia, to get colour advice and help. 

If jobs are being piled on your head, stop, and blow your Horn ( just like you do when you're in traffic and some idiot pulls ahead of you and puts you in danger). Speak up and let people around you know what you are willing to do, and what is clearly their job. ASK FOR HELP.

 Set aside an hour every day to sit outside, without feeling guilty. Work will always be there. Summer in Northern Ontario is fleeting. Take some time for yourself, and treat you skin to our Goats Milk Lavender products from White Oak Lavender Farm!  

lavender bushes, The Camellia thunder Bay

Goat's Milk skincare at The Camellia

Your Home, your way, get the look with Cottage Paint and DIY advice from The Camellia. 
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Friday, June 1, 2018

Hello June! Quick weekend Cottage Paint projects, The Camellia, Slate River, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

June projects at The Camellia

Hello! It's June 1st., where is the Summer weather we have enjoyed for the past 2 weeks?  Break out the sweats (again!), it was quite cool this morning, so on with the fireplace, and the heat in your car.  Good news...It's the weekend, and we know you have the usual must-do list, but don't forget to include a Fun Cottage Paint project !

It's Yard sale season, and you can pick all kinds of beautiful pieces like this seashore oil canvas ( a score at $5.00). However, the frame was hideous ( see left of middle row in photo), we simply painted over it with Cottage Paint ( colour Cottage White)

You may have an old desk laying around...why not plant the drawers, first paint with Serenity Cottage Paint ( 2 coats), line the drawers with heavy garbage bags, then plant. Add our Tap handles, and you have a unique Porch treasure! Play around with great colour combinations like Waterdrop Cottage paint with orange begonias. 

Have some old metal that's seen better days? Paint with our URBAN PAINT , shown above is Copper. Why buy new? just transform an old piece you already have!

UPCOMING   CLASSES : Bee Stencil Class . 7-9p. $55.37 , happening on probably a Thursday night within the next 2 weeks. In this class you will learn advanced Stencilling, and hand lettering. Call us if you are interested.
We may run a Kitchen Cabinet Class, so let us know if you are interested, just click, reply on this email. We are repainting our Oak kitchen cabinets, as we speak. Thanks to those of you who came out to last night's Cottage Paint class. 
pinterest image of planter
Photo via Pinterest. 
Your Home, your way, get the look with Cottage Paint and DIY advice from The Camellia. 

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