Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bachman's Spring House tour 2018

Hello there! Today we are touring Bachman's Idea house, Spring version. Don't you just love blogs? Many people generously sharing their travels and experiences with the rest of us. It's inspiring and just what we need to get going with decorating and cleaning up this spring! Changing seasons always seems to make me want to clean, and redo things around the house and yard.  Do you feel this way when Spring rolls around? 

canvas at Teen Challenge, Thunder Bay

So now that you've toured the Bachman's Spring Idea Home, and you're full of ideas, you may wonder ...where do I find vintage pieces? I can't afford to do this look! Yes, you can. Head to the nearest  Thrift store... this oil painting  from Teen Challenge in #ThunderBay. 
Teen Challenge, Thunder Bay. 
401 Syndicate Ave S
(807) 345-2277

spring flowers for delivery The Camellia Thunder Bay

Add colour with Spring plants and potted hyacinths... these smell wonderful! Get them at any of your local florists. We sell #pottedplants at #TheCamellia, with different varieties available seasonally. 

paint wooden shutters The Camellia

#CottagePaint is a great way to do a custom #Makeover on decor and old #furniture. Visit our website for more information on upcoming Classes

cottage paint thunder bay

#CottagePaint comes in over 60 colours...and here at TheCamellia  we offer help, in-store, or at your home ( design fees will apply to in-home consultations). 

vintage linens The Camellia

Vintage Bedding - like this chenille throw, you can find in our store, or at yard sales, and secondhand stores. Check your closet, you may have some old quilts in there. 

cottage paint makeover ThunderBay

Old fabric Lampshades can also be changed by painting with #CottagePaint, 2 thin coats plus 2 thin coats pf flat wax, colour used here is Country Manor. You can see the before area which is taped up with the cabbage roses. 

vintage linens the Camellia

Crochet Tablecloths gave a time worn and old look, they add so much to a small end table, or a bedroom nook. We have these for sale at out store, the Camellia. 

joanna gaines style at The Camellia Thunder Bay

Our vintage looking GATHER sign....which sums up this blog post.... have agreat time Gathering Vintage finds for your Home. Visit us at #TheCamellia for Vintage home decor, linens, and Cottage/Chalky Paint. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Camping essentials....getting ready for May long weekend in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

It's 11 C today, a veritable heat wave for us here in Thunder Bay. It has been such a looooooong winter here, so being able to go outside without a coat, well, we are doing a happy dance!

Fishing tackle at The Camellia

We start to dream of the May long weekend which for us in Northwestern Ontario, signals the start of Fishing season and Camping . For those of us who live in Thunder Bay, we are blessed with many nearby Lakes, and we joke about leaving work and being on a Lake( provided our gear and boat are loaded), in an hour. 

wake of boat in Lake

Even if you are not a fishing kinda person, it's still wonderful to be out on the Lake with a sunny blue sky, and Nature all around you. 

Lake in Thunder Bay, Ontario, The Camellia

Boating , fishing and Camping...great activities for #FathersDayweekend, which is coming up on June 17th. 2018. So many of us take our Fathers for granted. What are you planning for this #FathersDayweekend?

These hand-tied fishing lures would make a great Gift for Dad ( and Mom). Buy here at

lake in Thunder Bay

So peaceful and tranquil...until you get bitten by a mosquito or blackfly. The redness and itching and swelling....not so great. Our weapon is #RockyMountainsoap #BreakoutBuster. 

Rocky Mountain soap, great for blackfly bites

Spring - watch out for ticks in Northern Ontario

Getting out and Hiking is great, however, be aware of our large Tick population, which peaks in the springtime. Follow the usual precautions of no exposed skin, and thorough checks when you go back indoors. It isn't uncommon in Northern Ontario to see a car stop suddenly, and a person exits and starts madly ripping their clothes off. Usually it's not an exhibitionist, but a tick on the person. 

Knalla Rain poncho

We joke about the weather on long weekends..... it's raining, of course, I should have guessed, it's  a long weekend! The smart camper packs a raincoat, just in case. This one from Ikea  (Knalla Rain poncho) looks big enough to hold Cupcake the dog under it, as well as keeping you dry.  Priced at an affordable $12.99, click for more information:

Starttid Backpack

You need a place to pack all of your Camping essentials, like this Ikea Starttid Backpack, it comes in 2 colours, green and black, priced at $39.99. Click here to purchase:
There is no IKEA store in Thunder Bay, but you can easily shop online, or if you are visiting Winnipeg, there is an Ikea store there.  

wildlife in Northern Ontario

Heading out to go Camping...? Click on this link to download a checklist. Most of us get everything ready on Wednesday evening, do grocery shopping on Thursday, so that we can head out right away on Friday. 

Ikea travel/camping bags

I'm swooning over the Ikea Forfina travel bags, a set of 6 for $12.99. Click here to buy
The more organized you are, the easier it is to find your Camping essentials, and the more likely you are to actually be able to enjoy your Camping trip. ( less of ..'do you know where the**** is? ). Photos of Ikea products provided by Ikea. 

Going Camping? Stop by and see us at #TheCamellia for #Mosquitonets, and #Noseeumnets. Pick up some #BreakoutBuster , some Camo leggings, and #Bughats. 

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