Monday, August 8, 2022

August vibes, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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We are fortunate here in Thunder Bay, as far as this Summer's weather. It has been sunny and a few hot days, but no heat wave, with Lake Superior keeping things cool, and a little shower every day, keeping things green. This photo above was taken in Sister Bay, WI, as you can see the grass around the planter is all burnt up. How has your summer weather been? 

Ferry crossing to Washington Island, WI.

Everyone has been travelling, with driving to your destination being very popular. (No wonder with the current mess at Pearson airport, in Toronto. Read about it here:

This is the Ferry to Washington Island, in WI. It takes about 30 minutes to cross over to Washington Island. 

Ferry crossing to Washington Island, WI.

With the prospect of Winter looming ahead of us ( we all know how long last Winter was!), it's important to go travelling, or go to Camp, while the weather is warm and there is no snow and ice on the ground. Where have you travelled to this Summer? 

Archway at Fragrant Isle Farm, Washington Island

There are many Weddings taking place this year, and for the next few years. We have been busy designing Wedding flowers, and are now booking for 2023 Weddings. Those of you visiting Thunder Bay for a wedding celebration, stop by and shop in our store, the Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. in Slate River, just outside Thunder Bay. Visit our Wedding website at
This beautiful arbor above is at Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, on Washington Island, WI.

Pink garden peonies, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Beautiful pink Peonies, grown in our gardens. 

August is the best time to get at your Furniture pieces that need Painting with Cottage Paint. The weather is warm, and if your pieces of Furniture are big, it is easier to paint them in your garage. We do not recommend painting if your piece is directly in the sun. The colour above is Hidden Lagoon, by Cottage Paint. We have a large selection of Cottage Paint in-stock, and are excited to be offering Paint classes again. There are 58 colours in Cottage Paint, for more information, shop here

Bunch of purple Lavender

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