Thursday, February 20, 2020

We are OPEN at The Camellia!! Thunder Bay, Ontario

Hello everyone! It's almost March, and that means Spring will be here soon, yeah!!! We are Open here at The Camellia, for all your Spring & Home decor needs. 

                                                  via GIPHY

This Giphy sums it up....I have been recovering from Hand surgery, so this is what I've been doing, minus the drumming of fingers on the table. And of course, you need your hands for simply everything! We are Open here at The Camellia, and will post new Spring Classes soon. 

cottage paint classes at The Camellia

Hummingbirds are part of our Northern Ontario summers, here  we used #CottagePaint to stencil  a Hummingbird. It sure is difficult to capture their shimmering feathers and many colours. If you are interested in this class, contact us. 

pink flowering crabapples at The Camellia

It's the time of year when our spirit craves Flowers, and colour, and warmth. How about you? Are you ready for spring? Above is a photo of our flowering crabapple trees. 

purple spring blooms at The Camellia

This is the perfect time to head into our store for a Visit, to buy some new silk flowers to replace your winter decor. It's time to freshen everything up for Spring! Already have a container? Bring it with you!

best tablecloths ever The Camellia, grey with white magnolias

Our beautiful, yet practical Tablecloths - perfect for anyone who spills or drops things when they eat. Water-repellent and stain-resistant. And this pattern is lovely and timeless - white magnolia blossoms on a light grey background. 

cottage paint in green colourway The Camellia

We have 60 colours in #Cottage paint  - you can easily add a touch of green to your furniture or Kitchen cabinets. For more information on painting your Kitchen cabinets, go to Not sure if your cabinets are paintable? Take a door off and bring it in so we can take a look. 

The Camellia sign

To find us, head south on Hwy. 61, turn left onto Hacquoil Rd. Look for our sign on Hwy. 61. 
We are just 10 minutes south of  the Thunder Bay Airport. 
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Winter skincare, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

silly goats lotion Thunder bay, the Camellia

Winter is hard on your skin. Cold temperatures, low humidity and harsh winds make your skin dry, itchy and miserable. You are so bundled up when you go outside, and one may feel unattractive and a bit depressed. You must moisturize with our favourite Goats Milk Lotion from Silly Goats! What is great about Goat Milk Lotion? Read on.

Goat Milk Lotion Benefits.
1. Vitamins and Minerals - Goat Milk has vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E, and Selenium. Selenium is known to help prevent skin cancer and to help sun-damaged skin.
2.  Anti-Inflammatory - Goat Milk reduces skin inflammation due to its fat protein content. The cream in Goat Milk is a moisturizer.
3. Anti-Aging - Goat milk is rich in  Caprylic Acid, Lactic acid, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid. 
4. Doctors have recommended using Goats Milk Soap for those who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and sunburn. 
For more information, go to

Danish midsummer rose bloom The Camellia, thunder Bay

Most of us want to keep our skin feeling as soft as a rose petal. This is a bloom from our Danish Midsummer Rosebush, it smells like an old-fashioned Rose.

Silly Goats soap, the Camellia

goats milk soap thunder bay

Goat Milk Soaps are also wonderful for our skin, and are natural, and long-lasting. 

bucket of green and white flowers, The Camellia, thunder Bay

Our skin, and these Flower stems in the bucket above, need 1 essential ingredient to stay alive - WATER. So often we forget to drink enough water, especially when it's Winter. 

Bucket of green and white flowers The Camellia

Why not get a large jug and fill it with your water intake for the day...every time you pass by the jug, drink a glass. This will help your whole body, but it sure is difficult to drink 6 -7 glasses of water a day in the winter! 

Lake Superior Batchawana Bay

If you want to keep your skin looking beautiful, plan on a trip to our store, the Camellia, to get Silly Goats Lotion & Soaps!.
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On
p 807-475-3551

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Making Time slow down when it seems like it's speeding up, The Camellia

Hello February! We have been lucky as January in Northern Ontario can be really, really cold. And this January it's been so mild. It's been easy to get out walking every day. We've had lots of snow, and here we are in February, it seems like January has flown by. 

Which brings us to the concept of Time... why does it seem to speed up as you get older? Click on the link below, which is a great article on Making Time. Read on. 

calendar  months

dried fern wreath at the Camellia

When you're involved in something you like to do, time seems to fly by. This is a ginormous Wreath I made from field ferns. It took hours and more hours, and the idea of a giant Fern Wreath had been in my head for months, and I simply had to find the time to make it. What projects do you have going around in your head? ...when I have time.......I will make .........

pile of paperwork,

 Ever notice how slowly time goes when you are stuck doing some dreaded Bookwork? You pull up your files, then you find yourself checking email, Facebook, and wait, you're starving! so you race off to find a snack, and before you know it, 2 hours have gone by, and you haven't started your paperwork. Yes, time crawls sometimes. 

person sleeping in bed,

It seems like there is never enough time to sleep. For a long time, I treated Sleep as an afterthought, after I get everything done, I will go to bed. Sleep deprivation leads to many health problems. You must make time for Rest. 

person holding garden greens,

It can be a struggle to eat healthy. Especially when there is a Timmie's on every street corner, and there are chocolates at every grocery checkout. And you are tired when you get home from work. This past summer we grew all kinds of veggies, and it's so much easier to eat healthy when you can pick kale from your own garden.

willow cross at the Camellia

One day you get the call that one of your friends has unexpectedly passed away. You may feel terrible as you had meant to call her up and have lunch together, and you didn't make the time. 
This is a willow cross which we have for sale at The Camellia. 

cottage paint and fabric at The camellia

I guess the rule of thumb is that if you really want to do something, you will find the time to do it. We stock Cottage Paint at The
How many of you have a stash of fabric stored in strange places.....omg...why are there plies of fabric and magazines in the Linen closet? 

iris fairy dancing graphic

Oh well, time is relative. What will you do with your time? 
Visit us here at The Camellia! We are Open Fridays and Saturdays during the month of February, 2020. 
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On.