Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Change is hard. Whatever it is you are struggling with, our wish for you is that things will get better.

word saying about change

We are creatures of habit....we keep doing the same things every day, yet we expect different results. 
Change is hard. 
When we have an anxiety-producing task to do, some of us procrastinate with stress eating. Some of us spend a lot of time endlessly scrolling on social media. 
We want a clean Home, yet we may lack the discipline to put things away and pick up our mess.
We spend hours worrying about others in our Life, yet in the end, we can only change our behaviour. 

Fall leaves in woods

Know that you are not alone, and that others are struggling with the same problems. Do not get discouraged. Head outside for a walk, and enjoy these warm, Fall days. 

Autumn tree with red leaves

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wishing you a Happy weekend spent with Family and friends. We are Open this week from Wednesday through to Saturday, 12 to 5p. 
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