Friday, February 25, 2022

Dreaming of Your own Potting Shed? The Camellia, Thunder Bay.

It is still winter here in Thunder Bay, with temperatures in the -30C range at night. Everyone is tired of it all, especially with having to snow-blow every other day. The snowbanks are 4 ft high or more.  
Perhaps you are dreaming of having your own Potting Shed, a place where you can tend to your houseplants, start your seeds, and putter away from everyone. 

pink peony bloom

Nothing calms the mind more than a day spent in a Summer garden.... especially when Peonies are in full bloom, like this beautiful Peony from our Garden. 

Greenhouse/Potting shed at Canada Blooms

Glass houses have been around for a long time, and were especially popular during the Victorian era. You may have been cruising on Pinterest, looking at Potting sheds built from leftover wood pallets, and windows, and it all looks so easy. Do your research before you start building, especially if you live in a cold climate. The Glasshouse above is from a display at Canada Blooms, in Toronto, Ontario. 

It's always more efficient to have a place where you can store your Garden supplies, like twines to support your plants, stakes, scissors, shovels, and so on.
Of course, if you are like me, you have a million pots of various sizes, piled high, ready to topple over.  

metal art Chickadees

You may want to store your Summer outdoor garden ornaments in your shed, it seems like every Spring your garden ornaments are nowhere to be found. You can purchase this Chickadee metal Art hanging in our store, the Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. in Thunder Bay, On. 

a book and snack in a garden shed

A potting shed is a great place to hide away from everyone, a good book, and a snack is a must. 

art supplies and paint

This can be a wonderful place to Paint.... to start using that collection of Art supplies you've been collecting for years! You may have said....When I retire, when the last kid has left, when .....??? We all have reasons why we can't start on something we really, really want to do. 

potted pansies

If you would like to send a Gift in Thunder Bay, Slate River, & Kakabeka Falls, we have Potted plants, Spa, self-care Baskets and more. Shop online at 
You can stop by our storefront at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On.