Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Have you ever stopped to wonder how this holiday came into existence? In 1906, a year after her mother’s death, a Philadelphia woman, Anna Jarvis, began campaigning for a day on which all Americans would celebrate their Mums. Jarvis’s simple description of the day’s purpose: “To let (mothers) know we appreciate them, though we do not show it as often as we ought.” After spreading the word through church meetings and writing letters to government representatives and businessmen, she had nearly all 46 states observing Mother’s Day within 3 years, and in 1914 it became a national holiday. Nowadays mothers come in all shapes and forms as our family units change. So whether you’re recognizing your mother who has been there for you from Day 1 when you uttered your first cry or your stepmother who you finally appreciate, or maybe your grandmother who always baked you cookies – whoever your mother figure is – take a moment to recognize her. Call me today (807-475-3551) to help you choose the right Gift for your special Mum. Here are some ideas: Lavender Gift set - $49.95 Cotton Pajama set -loll around in these and feel like a Princess in a Chateau in France! $69.95 Wooden Planter Box $ 45.99, add Trowel ( $4.50), Garden Gloves ($4.99) and Plants (call for prices) If your Mum has passed away my sympathies go out to you. There’s no way to ease the inevitable sadness that hits as Mother's Day rolls around. Have you thought about creating a Memorial Garden in her memory? We have several Memorial stones which you can use in the Garden around which you can plant Perennials or a tree in her memory. Call us at 807-475-3551, or Toll-free at 1-877-523-7444. Delivery is available and we're open this week : Wed. through Saturday 11-5, Sunday: Noon-4