Friday, February 28, 2014

Wedding bouquets, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

 Hello! Here at The Camellia, we are excited to be taking part in the Thunder Bay Wedding Show, which will take place this Sunday, March 2nd. 2014  at the Victoria Inn, in Thunder Bay, from 11-4p.

How many of you use Pinterest to get ideas for your Wedding? And what about all those Wedding magazines with fabulous displays of masses of Flowers?  All this leads to ...I want THIS ( pointing to what is easily a $1,500 display on 1 corner of a gazebo)  for my Wedding!! Notice they never pin the cost of those elaborate displays? I overheard someone saying the other day ( a Bride-to-be) .."but it's only Flowers, how can they cost so much?"

There is a lot that goes into the growing of Flowers and foilage, and then the transporting of these perishable products from the growers to You! Take a look at the production of foilages on this Florida operation:

Yes, if you lived in Holland, and you run over to your neighbour down the street that grows Hortensia ( Hydrangeas),  then your Wedding Flowers would be a breeze! 

For most of us here in Thunder Bay, our Fresh flowers have travelled a long way to get here.
Look at the size of these Hydrangea blooms! ... as seen on a visit to Holland.

As for the Tulips in Holland, they are spectacular. 

 And the prices of cut Flowers in Holland are a lot less, as they grow the flowers, no transport costs. We'll blog about that another day. 

 Here at The Camellia, our speciality is Faux-Botanical Bouquets.

They won't wilt or crush, you can get them in hard-to-find colours, they are great for people that are allergic to pollen, flowers and sometimes foilages. ( Who wants to have to use an Epi-pen on their Wedding Day?) Not. And you get to keep them in a vase long after your Wedding Day.

They hold up well in Snow, faux Botanicals make perfect sense for cold, Winter days, like today, minus 40 something with the wind chill.

 This Bouquet was for a September Wedding.

And if you want Fresh bouquets, we can do also .

And this was a beautiful May Wedding...

Photo By Alan Dickson Photography.

Here are Kimberly's comments:

Camille went beyond and above my expectations. I absolutely loved the bouquets and boutounierres she did up and my bridesmaids were so impressed! Camille took my ideas and the end product was better than I could have asked for.  The tulips and little wooden shoes were such a special touch! I love that I have my bouquet as a keepsake. I would highly recommend Camille's work to any bride looking for something amazing for her special day. 

Ps. The flowers you used in my bouquet are amazing and even more special that they are from Holland. I had a ton of compliments that they had no idea they were silk!!
Do visit The Camellia at the Thunder Bay Wedding show , you will find us at booth #41 in the main Ball room. We will be doing a demo at 1.50 p.m. on Cottage Paint and Pinterest. 
BRIDAL OPEN HOUSE , Sunday March 9th. 2014 
FREE MAKE 'N TAKE FOR BRIDES at The Camellia - on Sunday, March 9th. 2014. 1 -4 p.m. Learn how to make a rolled Rose. 
The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. 
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thinking Spring in the midst of Snow.

Here at The Camellia, we are trying to think     S P R I N G !!

It is somewhat difficult to think Spring, with snowfall after snowfall, with blowing winds and minus thirty -something temperatures. 

So we can dream on and think about munching on yummy Lavender Cupcakes, and sipping Lavender Lemonade. 

And of Peony Garden blooms, as big as the palm of your hand. Ruffles of Pink and Ivory. 

Washing with our Hand-made Lavender Soap, made in Canada. Lavender is sure to calm and de-stress you. 

Bright Summer Purses at the Camellia - come visit our store to see similar beauties! 

New Spring colours of Cottage Paint have arrived. Customers are taking advantage of the long and cold Winter to paint their old pieces of furniture. Of course they can do this indoors as Cottage Paint has low voc's.

Flowering dogwood in Vancouver. 

Poppy bloom. 

Out metal Butterfly, made by Elaina, metal artist.

Well, enough dreaming of Spring, it is back to Winter for a while yet. Stay warm, and phone for our current hours. The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, Slate River, Oliver Paipoonge, On.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Love is ...... what is Love? How would you finish this sentence? Those of you who are in Love and have been in love for many years will have a different answer from that of say, a person who is still looking for   L O V E....on sites like Plenty of Fish. Need I say more....

These Orchid plants have been trained to grow in the shape of a heart ...aren't they beautiful? And they will last much longer than fresh Roses. Sadly we do not have these for sale, these were seen at a Greenhouse somewhere in California.

For us in Northern Ontario, we are learning to LOVE cold weather  ( I'm still working on this). The thermometer doesn't stray too much from -20 to -39 with the wind. Which is why we need you to have a cell phone number for the person you order Flowers for  ... imagine delivering fresh flowers when it is this cold  ... brrr... for the flowers and the delivery person.

A quick way to infuse Romance into your Home ---  sprinkle silk rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart.

As seen at Brocanterie Deja-Vu, my favourite Antique shop in Oosterhout,  Holland.

What will you give this Valentine's Day?

Why not send our Everlasting Love Bouquet? A mix of hand-rolled chintz roses, with roses, spider mum, and Calla lily with a mini chalkboard sign. Available in 3 sizes, call 807)475-3551 to order, or toll-free at 1-877-523-7444.

If you need a practical Gift, this is it. A hand-made bag, perfect for holding a tablet and other must-haves - $55.00.

Our Chocolate Truffle baskets are delish - $55.00  an up.


Send our luxe Spa and Chocolate package at $69.00 and up.

Visit the Camellia for unique Valentine's Day Gifts, or call to order for Delivery. Taxes(13% hst) and delivery charges will apply. Happy Valentine's Day. 
Open : Wed. 12-5, Thurs. 12-5, Fri. 11-5, Sat. 11-5, Sun. 12-4
The Camellia, 
30 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Oliver Paipoonge, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Camp Glam, The Camellia

 On this cold and snowy day, I am dreaming of Camping, Summer, and Glamping. In case you are not familiar with Glamping, it is Camping with a glamourous twist, a la Rachael Ashwell ( Ms. Shabby Chic herself)  and a la Mary Jane's Farm. To view the rooms at The Prairie By Rachael Ashwell, click here Most of us like being in the outdoors, but  don't want to rough it, dreading having to run out in the dark to the Outhouse, imagining Bears and all kinds of creepy-crawlys out there. If you are not Miss Rough-it, then Glamping is definitely your style.

 Photo of Road with Trees.

 Photo of Morning Glories rambling on a Country fence.

 Aaahhhhh   the Joy of being out in the Summer Sunshine - these are my Sunflowers I planted really late in June, I managed to get some blooms in late August.
Check out our Camp Glam board on Pinterest.

 The bees are so happy to be amongst the Flowers at Camp.

 Photo of a Camellia.

 The perfect Camping bag.. Epol bags available at The Camellia. Lots of pockets, you can toss them all around, no need to be gentle with them.

 Of course, let's not forget the immense pleasure of being by the water. I love to listen to the waves crashing onto the shore, so soothing and peaceful.

 Photo of Hand-made wooden Furniture, made by Larry, by special order at The Camellia. he also makes Lamps, and bar stools , and Tables, and more chairs, and TP holders for the Outhouse.

 Did you know that 1 million people are killed worldwide by Mosquitoes...which spread west Nile, Malaria, Dengue fever, etc. Discover the Mosquito Net - a wonderful protection, perfect for Camp. Available at The Camellia..$39.95. They are available in white, and ivory.

 Overheard..."I like long as someone else does all the cleaning, cooking, and picks up after everyone. I want to sit around and drink wine all day." Well, organization is the key, have lots of containers ilke these cool mason jar holders I saw at Junk Bonanza, label them and no more will you hear..."Have you seen my..."

 Baskets are the key to organization ... have everyone toss their stuff in one of these, and you will have way less cleaning to do. Place them in strategic spots, label them...and maybe you will be able to enjoy that glass of wine.

 Photo of the moon coming up over the ocean.

 Outdoor Summer flags - available at The Camellia. Welcome Summer! One client told us she bought this flag last spring and hung it up, and  then it snowed.... everyone had a good laugh!

 Ah yes..every Glam Camp must have a wood-fired grill, delicious for Pizza.Yum....

The joy of walking in the wilderness in Northwestern Ontario, we are hoping that our so-cold Winter will kill off the tick population. 
Here's to Glamping...and the upcoming Spring Home & Garden show 2014!!

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