Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Huge 60th. Birthday Sale at The Camellia!!

Hello everyone! I'm sure everyone that gets to age 60 has the same! Where did the time go...!!!???? Major freak-out.....!!! Here at The Camellia, we started 35+ years ago designing custom Wedding Flowers, and from there we progressed into Home decor, custom Drapery and Bedding, and then into Cottage Paint. It has been a joy to help our customers over the years. We are celebrating with a HUGE Birthday SALE!! This is the biggest SALE we have ever had!! Keep reading to find out what is on sale. We will be posting more photos  in upcoming days.
Sale starts August 1, and runs until August 18th.
If you see something you like and cannot visit the store, you can phone us at (807)475-3551, and arrange payment . We will hold your item, all sales during this time are Final ( no returns).

Our dried hydrangea wreaths and arrangements are all ON SALE. These are made fresh and left to dry in place, and are perfect for Camp or at the Lake.

Framed beach prints from Gilly Gobinet are on sale.

Man Cave Tin signs and cushions are on sale.

Beautiful framed prints for your bare walls.

White calla prints are on sale.

Framed signs are perfect for your entranceway, these are also on sale. 

Our oh-so-comfy themed cushions, a lot of them are buy 1, get 1 free. 

Head to the Camellia for our BIGGEST SALE  ever!! 
We are Open Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 12-5, Friday and Saturday 11-5, Sunday 12-5. We may open extended hours during the sale. 
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. 
p(807)475 3551

Monday, July 9, 2018

Beautify your bare walls with Custom floral Designs from The Camellia

Floral wall pieces from the Camellia

Are your walls looking a bit bare? Head to #TheCamellia for help. We can design a unique Floral custom made for your decor. Bring in your paint chips and photos of your room to help us get an idea of what your style is. We have a large selection of silk Botanicals, succulents, Wreaths, Farmhouse and much more. Your rooms will thank you! 

The Camellia is open Wednesday through Sunday.  We are located 10 mins. from Thunder Bay Airport, heading south on Highway 61 . 

30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On
p 807-475-3551. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Determined not to miss one minute of Summer?...move your Office outside! Summer at The Camellia

Hello July!! It's been nice and warm this Summer - a big change for us here in Northwestern Ontario. Our past few Summers have been cold and not so great. I am determined not to miss a single minute of Summer so today I am blogging from the screened Porch. As with some areas of a Home that are not used on a regular basis, a Porch can become somewhat of a dumping ground for stuff. Do you have a spare room in your house where stuff gets tossed, then you get the phone call from a relative..."we're passing by your place en route to Toronto...can we sleepover, do you have room for us? " Of course! it'll be great to see you all! "  you answer, then mass panic ensues as soon as you put the phone down.

Brunelli cotton bedding at the Camellia

This is what the guest room is supposed to look like. So not the case right now!

 A few years back we toured Google campuses in Mountainview and saw Google employees working outside on their laptops. Bright blue skies and Royal Palm trees, leaves rustling in the wind , totally awesome to work in Nature! It helps your creativity, you can come up with ideas easier, and as you become totally engaged in your work, there is way less of a chance of you falling asleep. I have to say way back when I was in university, I would regularly fall asleep in some classes. Even if you did fall asleep at Google, you can do so in style in one of their Nap pods. Check out this You Tube video of Google's Mountainview campus.

walking in Golden Gate Park, Ca

We love meetings in California...walking meetings, meetings seated on large exercise balls. No chance of falling asleep while balancing on an exercise ball. Contrast that to a Meeting indoors, in a stuffy, windowless room, with the CEO droning on endlessly. Working outdoors is so much better. Don't you get fed-up of attending Meetings? Especially when someone can't get TO THE POINT!!!

moving laptop outside in summer

It would be nice if we all had Summer reccess...just like our Members of Parliament, school aged kids,  university and college students. It is so difficult to work when it's a beautiful hot, sunny day. You would much rather be at the Lake, or in your Garden, or kayaking in Lake Superior. 

Lake superior

Summer in Northwestern Ontario is so short.....Home renovations have to be done in the Summer, Painting, roofing, and many other projects are so much harder to do in the Winter when it is 30 degrees below. What Home or Camp renos are you doing this summer? We are repainting our Oak Kitchen cabinets with #CottagePaint. Renovations are a big job when you are living in the house being renovated.

This is our 32-year old Oak Kitchen, so this is the Before. 

redo cabinets with serenity cottage Paint

Can you believe these are the same Oak cabinets...!! ( we used Serenity Cottage Paint - colour White). Once the job is done, and you have a brand new!! There's no feeling like it! Thinking about repainting your Oak Kitchen Cabinets? Visit us at The Camellia to see Cottage Paint, we also have sample doors painted with Cottage Paint, and offer DIY Kitchen Cabinet painting classes. 
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On. 
We are Open Wednesday through Sunday!! Stop by and shop!