Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cottage Paint classes at The Camellia, Thunder Bay.

At long last, we had our first Cottage Paint class yesterday. There are lots of techniques to learn, and it's much better to practice in a class first, and then to graduate to painting your piece. Here are some of the practice boards from the class.

 These are my first 2 projects, Purple Haze bottom coat on antique dresser, Asphalt grey as topcoat. Technique used 2 colour distressing, with a wax finish coat. Dining Room set was painted with Driftwood, technique used 1 colour distressing, finish coat is a zero-gloss acrylic varnish. To see full colour selection, go to
Paint can be purchased in store or on line. Please call for shipping costs,  use our toll-free number 1-877-523-7444. Cottage Paint is good to go in checked luggage, and is not affected by cold.

You have one more chance to take a Cottage Paint class , to be held next Tuesday, Oct. 29th. 2013. Call to register at 807)475-3551. In this beginner class, we cover 1 colour distressing, 2 colour distressing, crackle finish, antiquing, glazing and finshing techniques. For prices and more information, go to
The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Open Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 11-7, Fri. 11-6. Sat. 11-5. Sun. 12-5p

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things to be Thankful for, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Canada

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving? It feels like Summer here in Thunder Bay, with bright sunshine, colourful leaves swirling in the wind, and temperatures of 22 C or more. Have you started decorating for Fall? So much wonderful foilage to be found all around us, from Nature to your Home! So many textures and colours...

What are your plans for Thanksgiving get-togethers  and Turkey feasts? Feel like there's too much to do, and not enough hours in the day? Why does time fly faster as we get older? Just take a deep breath and   B r e a t h e...

 This is our ever-popular red twig Wreath sprayed silver.....customers ask us How long do the wreaths last outside? for a long time, after all, they are made of twigs, and trees grow happily outdoors.

Grab the Kids, and the Dog and go foraging. see what you can find in Nature, like these lovely orange crabapples we found in our yard..didn't even know they were there.

Gather all kinds of twigs, and ferns, and red dogwood from the fields, then get everyone to help to arrange them in containers. Ask everyone to take a moment and think about what they are thankful for.

I'm thankful for TP, I know it's a strange thing to be thankful for, but in a poor country, quite often, the stores will run out of TP. This is a new TP box we have in store at The Camellia, it holds 3 rolls of TP. I am also thankful for clean water that you can drink from the Tap without boiling first. That we live in a country where, if you hear a gunshot, you don't have to drop and roll into a ball. And that it's relatively safe to walk down the street. What are you thankful for? 

 If you looking for a Weekend outing, head over to Gammondale Farms. Pumpkin heaven.

 Another Must-visit in our area is the new Thunder Oak Cheese Farm. We stopped in today for a quick visit while out doing deliveries.

All kinds of Gouda cheese, made right here. I tried the Cajun cheese curds for lunch today, so yummy!

 Here are some of the  materials that were used in our Tuscan Harvest Planter class.

The start - an empty pot.

 Shhh..the designers are hard at work....stems are flying, should it be here or here?

 Voila ! the finished piece.

We are OPEN here at The Camellia for Thanksgiving weekend. Open Wed. through Sunday.
Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-7, Fri. 11-6. Sat. 11-5. and this Sunday, October 13th. noon-4p.
Bring yourself, your friends and your out-of-town guests, we love to see all of you!!
30, Hacquoil Rd. p.807)475-3551.
Please order any  flowers for delivery as early as possible, our toll-free # is 1 -877-523-7444
Happy Thanksgiving!!