Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Country walk

One thinks that the beauty of the tree lies in its leaves, and then one sees the bare tree.....

Going for a walk is a great way to enjoy Nature and the Outdoors ( especially if you've been in an office all day)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ikea Ideas

If you need a quick change, Ikea always has cool stuff, at great prices. A trip through IKEA always reminds me to think about cubic space. (and about how much space I waste by hanging onto things I may never use. )

These are neat Light fixtures, and would be perfect over a dining table.

In case you need ghost chairs, Ikea has them

Who wouldn't like to have a walk-in closet like this one? Totally possible with Ikea.
Hours this week: Open Saturday, Oct .23rd. 11-5,
Sunday, October 24th. Noon-5p. Questions? p. 475-3551

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Changing Seasons

It's another great Fall day at The Camellia. it's so easy to decorate for Fall, add some potted Mums and some bullrushes to your summer planters.

jUst in! Fab French tablecloths, water repellent and stain resistant. ( I have one of these on my table, and was able to remove dried-on barbecue sauce from my tablecloth with just water!)

Rectangle 94" x 58" is priced at $27.95. Nice neutral tones now in stock for your Winter table.

Our flowering Crabapple trees still look fabulous for Fall. The robins, and partridge are busy feasting on the berries.

Come visit us today, open Saturday 11-6.

Questions? p 475-3551

Friday, October 8, 2010

Harvest Market Event at The Camellia

We are lucky to have such great Fall Weather. Take advantage of it, and go for A Drive in the Country. You can park, Shop at The Camellia, and then go for a walk on a Country road. Visit the Cheese Farm, Belluz or Gammondale. Stop in at Window Light Photo Gallery on the way to the Cheese Farm.
Order a Fruit Harvest centerpiece for delivery to your favourite Family for Thankgiving. We Deliver in Thunder Bay. Call early for best selection.

If fresh flowers aren't your thing, choose a faux Pumpkin with a Rose wreath around the base.

You have to visit The Camellia to see our unusual Wreaths, this one is made from Lavender Hyssop, Oregano and barley which we grew in our Gardens this Summer.

Freshly-made Lavender Soap - a great treat for you. Try the Calendula & Oatmeal soap, great for healing, and exfoliating. All from Ontario grown lavender.

Jewellery to adorn you, in many styles and finishes. For that casual, dressed-up look.

For those of you who hate shopping with a purse, this wallet will hold all your essentials, with style.

Come in store to see a wonderful array of new purses for the Fall. They are oh-so-stylish, and will add an elegant look to your outfit, even if you are just running out in jeans and t-shirt to do errands. and this one is so affordable at $39.00 ( has organizer).

Vintage Mason Jar holder, part of the Opa Overmeer's Farm Goods line. These jars are great for collecting all the junk which may accumulate on the kitchen counter. You can add name tags for each member of the household.

What about a Vintage Shopping cart, lined with a bag made from old coffee sacks? Good for shopping at Antique shows and Craft Fairs.

Printed linens, anything printed with script is very in vogue at the moment. This fabric would fit into a Vintage decorating scheme, perfect for a Queen Anne's chair, or a footstool.

HARVEST MARKET on this weekend. Open Friday, and Saturday : 11-5.
Open Sunday: Noon-5.
Directions? South on Hwy. 61, Left On Hacquoil Rd. a mere 10 mins. from Thunder Bay Air-
port. Call 475-3551.