Thursday, September 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! We are Open at the Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

sunflower fall decor at the Camellia

Our Canadian Thanksgiving seems to fall really early in October this's Monday, October 8th. 2018. Time to break out the sweaters, and to decorate your Home for Fall. Using a giant faux sunflower swag like the one above ( which we designed for a client), adds instant autumn vibes to your entrance way. we love how it brings out all the colours in the brick. 

Cottage Paint The Camellia

We have been closed for a while, and are now Open here at The Camellia. While we were away we visited several retail stores ( after all, window shopping is the most fun!). Isn't this painted piece a beauty?! You can change the look of any furniture you have with Cottage Paint, and here at the Camellia, we are your Thunder Bay Cottage Paint dealer.

tiny home shell

We toured a tiny Home, and while it's cute, and very space efficient, it seems to be more suited to warmer parts of the globe, where your outdoor space can augment your indoor living space. Are you thinking about a tiny Home?

Silly Goats Hand lotion at The Camellia, thunder Bay

We had fun visiting with these LaMancha Goats of Silly Goats Soap Company. Due to our problems with very dry skin, we are obsessed with finding hand-made, artisanal skincare. Goat's Milk is excellent for replenishing oils, vitamins and minerals into dry skin. Did you know that Goat's milk has the same PH as human skin? Stop in at the Camellia to try a sample of  Silly Goats rich, hand lotions which we carry in an unscented version, as well as Oatmeal and Peppermint.

Bath bombs The Camellia

Lavender and Rosemary Bath bombs from Silly Goat. These are perfect in a hot bath, at the end of a long day!

furniture paint, cottage Paint, the Camellia

If you are doing your Fall decorating, and you would like to transition into Christmas/Winter decor, consider using red in your colour scheme. Check out this stunning old dresser painted with a colour similar to Cottage Paint Crimson Red. You can purchase Cottage Paint here at The Camellia.

crimson red cottage paint at The Camellia

It's Harvest time, and nothing beats plucking ripe tomatoes from your own Garden! Slice them up on fresh-baked Bread...yumm!

Cottage Paint at the Camellia

Here is an old shelf being painted with Cottage Paint. Look around and see where you could use a splash of red in your Fall decor. 

flower delivery The Camellia thunder Bay

Looking for Thanksgiving Flower delivery in Thunder Bay?  Contact us here at The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, Slate River, On.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Historical Paint combinations that still work today, Cottage Paint, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Sometimes we can get all wrapped up in the latest trend in colour, or lack thereof, at the moment. You may be tempted to paint all your walls white, and grey, rip out all your carpets, and throw out most of what you own in Home decor. Trends are well, Tr-ends, the very word itself ends with -end. Trends end, they come and they go. Don't get caught in the Trend of the moment. If you're going to be in your house for the next 10 years or so, paint your walls with colours that make you happy. How happy will you be with drab, grey walls in the middle of winter? Don't be afraid to add some colour to your decor.  

Today we look back at Historical colours  - what was popular in early Virginian homes?  Board and Batten, Mouldings and trim painted in various hues, these all add interest to rooms. 

Someone confessed to me, the other day, that she had a thing for antique chairs, and collected them at auctions and yard sales. The green of the chairs stands out from the blue of the walls, yet it all works beautifully together. 

This is a wonderful example of a two-colour distress technique. One colour is layered over another, and then distressed. This gives a piece of furniture a wonderful, old patina. 

Visit our store, the Camellia to see Cottage Paint furniture charts, sample charts, and much more.  Yes you can buy Cottage Paint to try out. They come in 8oz.jars, quarts, and gallons. 

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