Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Skin relief, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Hello There? How are you? We're so cold here again in Thunder Bay, back to -20! These cold temperatures and low humidity are horrible for our Skin. Does the cold make you feel ..a bit...well...will someone please just make it be Spring already......

Feeling a bit under-the-weather?  Try our Organic  Aromatherapy Roll-ons. Floral essential oils are well known for their anti-depressant properties, and will help you feel better. Don't have time to mess around with Oils? Try our roll-on, simply roll onto your pulse point areas and inhale to enjoy the therapeutic aromas to help with healing, relaxation and overall well-being!!

Our Organic Lip balms contain Organic Oils and various essential oils. They are specially blended to soothe and heal your dry, chapped lips. My favourite is the Rose Geranium, I use it every day, and it is so soothing and moisturizing. 

Above products are free of Parabens, Sulfates (SLS), Petroleum (mineral oil free), synthetic dyes and fragrance or perfume.

It's soooo dry that my heels are starting to crack. Anyone who has had this happen knows how painful this is. This is my go-to product for cracked heels, Rocky Mountain Foot butter. It works. Come into The Camellia to get a tube, and don't forget to buy a Pumice stone. Use the Pumice every day in the shower, then follow with the Foot butter.

Suffering from Excema? Try our Excema care Kit! Wash with Pumpkin Soap, and  follow with unscented Body Butter. Our customers rave about this product.

My favourite is our raw Shea Butter from absorbs well and helps if you have really dry skin. Place a bit in the palm of your hand until it melts, then rub it in. Super moisturizing...and absorbs very nicely into your skin. 

Some swear by Olive Oil, but my favourite is Coconut Oil. You can get Coconnut Oil at any Health Food store. The best time to moisturize is right after you come out of the shower.

 Image via Pinterest.

Inspiration from Rachael soft and dreamy!

Come visit us at The Camellia to purchase the above mentioned products. We are open Thurs. 12-5, Fri. 11-5. Sat. 11-5. Sun. 12-5.
30 Hacquoil Rd.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vamos a La Playa....... The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Hello! So glad you stopped by, just in time to stop me from driving to the Airport, and throwing myself on the next flight to some Tropical place!!!  All this January RAIN, yes, I did not make a mistake, RAIN, and NO SUN, will induce driving-to-the-airport behaviour. Especially for moi, who grew up in the Caribbean. How about your weather, what's it like where you live?

 Visions of white, powdery, sandy Beaches will not leave my head...this beach beckons. At the Gran Bahai Principe Coba, in Mexico.

 Flowers...and more Flowers....We used to have a 6 foot high Hibiscus hedge around our house ..sigh..

 Visions of a massage by the Beach also run through my head...

Let's not forget ...Beach Eye candy!! .....
Oh, to be in my 20's again....who am I kidding...wait a minute... I was skinny then...

Have a great Saturday!  We reopen here at The Camellia on Jan. 16th. 2013. Until then, Hasta la vista, may the Sol shine again. 
The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay. p -807)475-3551

Friday, January 4, 2013

Taking an organizing Break....The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

 Are you like me..? Once you've taken the Christmas Tree start wishing for green grass and SPRING!!

 We have almost no snow here in Thunder Bay, what about where you there lots of white fluffy stuff?  If Spring can't come soon enough for you, then surround yourself with potted daffodils and Spring bulbs.


And Hyacinths...the smell....sheer Heaven!!

We'll be closed here at The Camellia and will reopen on Wed. Jan. 16th. 2013. If you would like to come out sooner, then call us at 807)475-3551.

Have a lovely Day!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to 2013, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

May you have  a joyous 2013!! May you fly above the clouds, and let nothing hold you back !!
Image via tumbler and this fabulous blog:Castles, Crowns and Cottages, A Place behind the Sun.

 If you're like me, and wish for Spring to appear, here are some photos we took at Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Holland. Enjoy!!

The rain had just fallen, the sky was slightly overcast, the weather colder than normal, so the Tulips were superb!!

 Beautiful displays of Iris in one of the many indoor exhibits.

Wish I had one of these in my yard.... Tulips, hyacinths, and I don't know what the little  white flowers are, do you?

The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. 
Phone ahead for Jan. 2013 hours.p-807)475-3551