Friday, March 30, 2018

Thinking about an IKEA Kitchen? Ikea Kitchen Ideas 2018

Kitchen cabinets IKEA, The Camellia

Are you dreaming of a sleek, modern Kitchen? Then think about getting a Kitchen from IKEA. Spring is a  perfect time to think about refreshing and revamping your space. IKEA kitchens would be completely at home in an Urban loft, a contemporary Condo, or in anyone's home  who has a modern sensibility. Clean, pared down, and timeless. This is the JUTIS frosted glass door from IKEA starting at $50.00 each. Base and high cabinet door front starting at $79.00/linear foot. 

Ikea kitchen cabinets, The Camellia

As always when planning a new Kitchen, you must take into account how much cooking will take place in the Kitchen.  Does the Homeowner love to cook, or are they making snacks and heating up take-out? Does the homeowner prefer an open shelving system where everything is in plain sight, or does the homeowner like everything out of sight and organized behind doors? This is the TINGSRYD front door from IKEA starting at $69.00 per linear foot. 

Ikea kitchens, The Camellia

And the big question is: can you do-it-yourself? For help with planning your Ikea Kitchen, go to|ca|en_kitchenpg_howtoplan|201707031556585728_3
Measure, Dream & Plan, Order, Install.
This photo shows the VOXTORP ( walnut) high cabinet door front, with the VOXTORP beige island door front starting at $145.00 per linear foot. 

Do I know anyone who has ordered an IKEA Kitchen? Yes. They used the online planning tools, ordered their Ikea cabinets, and arranged for a local qualified Tradesperson to install them. Custom counters were ordered locally, and installed. Some custom adjustments had to be made to make everything blend and look streamlined. They commented that their main objective was to have a very functional Kitchen. Are they happy with their Kitchen? Yes! 

Are there any options if you can't order a new Kitchen at this moment, but still want an updated look? Yes, you can paint your existing cabinets with #SerenityCottagePaint. 

Cottage Paint The Camellia

Cottage paint the Camellia

Here are some of the greys in the #SerenitycottagePaint line. There are 63 colours and more in the palette, and various sheen levels in this line.  

The Camellia Cottage Paint for cabinets

Here are Maple sample doors being painted with Cottage Paint (above) and (below) is a custom bathroom vanity painted with Country Manor Cottage Paint, and drawers are finished with satin varnish. 

Cottage Paint satin varnish The Camellia

Think about painting your Kitchen cabinets - yourself. 
Here at The Camellia, we sell Serenity Cottage Paint, a low voc, clay-based Paint that is a DIY product, which you can use for painting your cabinets. Just clean and paint, no need to sand and strip before painting. Cottage Paint has a 30-day cure time. 
Do visit our store The Camellia, at  30, Hacquoil Rd. to see samples, and look at Serenity Cottage Paint. You can also take a Cabinet painting class. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday. 

website logo for I

Opinions in this post are my own, photos provided by IKEA. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring flowers just make you SMILE! Send some flowers this Easter, the Camellia, Thunder Bay.

spring flowers for delivery The Camellia

Hello! Easter is just around the corner, and it's time to think about sending Easter Flowers! These are our favourite - Ranunculus blooms. It's always so nice to receive Flowers at Easter, especially in Thunder Bay, there is still snow on the ground here. 

spring flowers thunder bay

Freesias are another Spring favourite to send for Easter ...they have a wonderful fragrance, especially the white freesias. Maybe you have a special Aunt in Thunder Bay , or a Sister or a Mom who would love some Spring flowers. Call us here at the Camellia, to order Spring Flowers for delivery. The sooner you order, the better. Call us at 807-475-3551 or toll-free at 1-877-523-7444. 

spring flower delivery thunder bay The Camellia

Gerbera daisies are also quite lovely, and come in a variety of colours. 

easter flowers thunder bay

flowers for delivery the Camellia

Ranunculus come in several beautiful pinks, oranges, reds and whites. Which colour do you love the most? It seems like time is flying by, and Easter will soon be here. Tomorrow, start by making a list of what you would like to get done by Easter weekend, and slowly work through your To-do's.

easter bunny baby

The Easter Bunny...if you have little ones in your Family, we have fuzzy-wuzzy Bunny Wabbits, and hand-made Rabbits, which are perfect Easter gifts. 

gifts for delivery Thunder Bay

For a no-fuss, low maintenance alternative, send succulents or Air plants. These need minimum care, and are perfect for those on your list who don't have a green thumb.

Happy Easter! We also have beautiful hand-made willow wreaths and crosses for delivery in Thunder Bay. Call 807-475-3551 or toll-free at 1-877-523-7444 to order.
The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On, P7J0E2