Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off to Camp

Off to Camp we go! TGIF!!! Don't forget to stop in at the Camellia off Hwy. 61 for the latest and greatest in Camp Decor and Country Living. We have beautiful Hand-made pieces from Larry's Logworks available at The Camellia. Whimsical, Rugged, & Functional. Perfect for Camp Living.

A hand-made Birch wreath makes a welcoming statement at Camp. In the Fall, simply remove the metal watering can, and add a bundle of wheat.

Musty-smelling Camp? Stop in at Camellia's and pick up some Dried Lavender buds. Lavender is
also calming and relaxes you......

Going for walks at Camp is so easy, and quite often, one returns with a handful of garden and wild Flowers. Arrange in a mason jar with water, instant enjoyment! This bouquet contains lupins, peonies, bamboo, oregano, alstromeria, and virginia creeper.

Summer Living is easy and relaxed with this hand-made Log planter. We have 2 styles in stock at The Camellia

Camp means having lots of friends over, we always seem to run out of seating. This wooden stool is perfect for extra company, and comfortable too, notice the hand-carved details

Many camps in the Thunder Bay area have Saunas.

These are Sauna Back-rests, hand-made from Poplar, perfect for the Sauna, as poplar does not retain heat. What a great hostess gift to take to someone who has a sauna! Add a Sauna steamer in Eucalyptus, this is a blend of essential oils which you can add to the water which is poured onto the hot rocks.

Add a touch of whimsey to your Camp with a wooden hand-made Deer. ( This one will not eat your plants!)

The beauty of being at Camp is the getting away from it all, the work , the chores, and the responsibities. Why not take a Nap? A Nap will go a long ways to restoring you

What about an Inspiration garland, used above a bed at Camp? At The Camellia, we custom make Twig garlands to whatever length you need. Many of our brides who want a natural look, use out twig garlands to decorate with. Add your own sayings or clip your favourite photos on. What an inspired idea for Camp

There are so many things you can do in the area, like strawberry picking at Belluz Farms. Saskatoons and Raspberries can be found alongside the country roads, and are great for making tasty tarts, which is what I did yesterday.

Rolling out the pastry and making pies can sometimes be a stress-reliever.

Here's a peek at the finished Fruit Tarts.. mother Nature gives us so many tasty treats!

Come visit us at The Camellia! If you're coming from the Thunder Bay Airport, head South on Hwy. 61, turn Left onto Hacquoil Rd. There's a lime green billboard that says Camellia on it, on the right hand side of Hwy. 61, just before the turn-off to Hacquoil Rd. Turn left, go down 1.8 km. we are on the left, #30/32.

If coming back from the border, or from Fishing, or from Berry picking ( so many wonderful things to do in the country!), turn right on Hacquoil Rd. Continue for 1.8k, we are on the Left, #30-32.

We're open Friday, 11-8p, Saturday 11-5p, Sunday Noon-5p. Questions? p-475-3551