Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Spring is in the air, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

girl raising hands up to flowers, Pexels image

Spring is approaching ... today is the first warmish day, a good day to step outside and do some shopping or go for a walk. It will be a while before we can be dancing among the Spring flowers, but it's coming. It is true, Canadians are obsessed with the weather......when will all this snow melt, and when will it be Spring? I hope the weather is beautiful where you live. 

hands holding a globe of the world

At this time, we all hope for World peace, and an end to a senseless War. The World is still battling Covid, and now THIS. 

open book with words: Spring is in the air

    Spring is in the Air. It's time for a refresh of your Home. Add some Spring flowers into a Vase, tuck a bird's Nest into a wreath, and maybe a new Tablecloth for your dining table. Visit us in store to see out water-repellent, stain-resistant Tablecloths. 

Cottage paint easter stencil kit

This is one of our Cottage Paint stencils which we sell in our store, the Camellia. These can be used as Easter goodie bags. 

Clara Clark microfibre sheet set

A quick refresh for your master bedroom - a set of microfibre oh-so-soft Clara Clark Sheets. This colour is very popular - Tiffany Blue. 

cottage paint serenity

Paint is an easy way to change a room - our Serenity Cottage Paint comes in 58 lovely colours and can be used on walls. For more information, visit https://iwindowshop.ca/collections/cottage-paint

seeds sprouting

March is the month to start your flowers seeds indoors, I usually start Sweet Peas and Morning glories indoors. Every available table near our south-facing windows is usually covered in seed trays. Our Northern Ontario growing season is so short,  which is why we have to start some seeds indoors. 

large cream coloured garden rose bloom

These Garden Rose blooms are lovely, and a lot of hard work goes into producing them. If you are looking for an easy Rose, try Drift Roses. https://www.driftroses.com/

potted hyacinth bulbs sprouting

This year, there will be no Spring Home and Garden Show, there may be a Show in September. Stay in touch by following the show on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Springhomeandgardenshowtbay 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Hello March !! The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop

Hello!  It's March, yeah!!  Most of us can't wait for the snow to melt, and for warmer temperatures!  What do you love most about Spring? Covid restrictions are lifting finally, and Travel is opening up. It's a good time to pretend that it's already Spring in Northern Ontario.  Add Spring flowers into your Home, tuck Bird's nests into bookshelves, and force flowering branches into bloom. We are busy designing new Floral designs, like this one below, with Iris, Stock & Ranunculus. 
($79.00+13% HST).

Spring flowers in vase

Looking for something different for your Tablescape or Front door? This is our custom designed Spring egg wreath with bird's nest and paper roses. 

spring Egg wreath

pink tulip spring wreath

Tulips and Spring just go together! This is a medium wreath with pink and white Tulips. $49.00 +hst. 

What's NEW and Trending?

You may have noticed that we are all craving Organization, with Netflix shows like Marie Kondo and The Home Edit being on the most-watched-list. The principle is that if your things are organized and in place, that you will lead a better life. 
Wicker storage baskets that are part natural wicker and part white are popular at the moment, 
Cottage Paint Colour and seal glaze

Thinking of Travelling? 

Our fav go-to is Vera Bradley's Large Traveller Duffel bag, in an easy-to-clean Classic Navy, and we also stock a soft grey. It is soft-sided, folds flat when not in use, and meets cabin baggage size requirements. It has 2 pockets at each end, zippered closure, and wide straps which are long enough to fit easily over your shoulder. $139.00+hst. 

Vera Bradley Traveller bag

Vera Bradley Traveller bag

Alligator skin....it looks great on a handbag, but not so great when it's what your skin looks like. What can you do for Dry skin relief? My go-to's are Uncle Benny's Shea butter, and Neob Lavender's organic Pure Lemongrass cream. 

girl wearing a flower mask

We are OPEN at the Camellia for in-store shopping. Do wear your mask. 
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