Friday, March 26, 2010

The Mad Hatter and Alice

Rabbits….are hoppin… at The Camellia!

I went to see the 3D version of Alice in Wonderland. I could so relate to her when she was slaying the dragon towards the end of the movie. Sometimes I feel like I too am slaying dragons, and that maybe, I should limit the number of dragons that I’m slaying at any given time.

I especially like the way she returned to her real life, and had the courage to stand up and follow a path of her own choosing, rather than the path which everyone else wanted her to follow. Great to see a movie which inspires as well as entertains.

Which brings us to Easter and Rabbits. Maybe you’re expecting a new grandchild, or a new baby, and your thoughts have turned to possible decorating themes for the wee one’s room. The element of fantasy, like in the movie Alice, can definitely be incorporated into the design of the room. One parents’ comment, “I wanted Taylor’s room to be like stepping into a dreamland.”

Why not an Alice themed room?

Pick some colours which will grow with the child and furnishings that are neutral. Then go to town on the fabrics, bedding, canopies, and Wall art. Here are some Wabbits from our collection for your special occasion:

Not sure how to put the room together, and don’t want to make a mistake?

Call me to book an in-home consultation today, we are booking into the 3rd week of April at present.

Happy Easter.