Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Flowers and Hours at The Camellia

SPRING is not that far away. although with all the snow we have been having lately.... Anyone notice how the days are getting longer? ....it stays light now until 8pm. Great for walks after supper.
We've been checking out the Design shops in St. John's, Antigua. Love the pops of colour on the top left, Cottage Paint Sour Apple on the wall.  A visit to the old sugar mill, Betty's Hope is a must-see.  And my favourite Caribbean window, the jalhousie shutter, designed to catch that ocean breeze.   This Spring it's all about Watermelon pink, Turquoise, Bimini and White. Look around, and see where you can incorporate some colour into your Home, then head to The Camellia for Cottage Paint ideas. 

Spring is in the air - fill vases with faux Tulips, and change out your pillow covers ( just arrived Brunelli covers priced at $9.99 for 18" square). Put out your Spring Wreaths, or get us to design a new one for your door. Our classes & Workshops for APRIL & MAY are up on the blog, click on this link   http://www.thecamellia.com/classes-at-the-camelia.html.
Classes are a great way to learn, nothing beats an actual hands-on experience ( photo in middle from our Cottage Paint Beginners' Class). 

We are OPEN this week, Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 12-5, Good Fri. 1-4 . Sat. 11-5. Sunday 12-4p. 
Phone us at 807-475-3551, or email us at thecamellia@hotmail.com. 

The Spring Home & Garden Show is coming up on April 1, 2, and 3rd. Visit The Camellia in the Coliseum Building at the C.L.E. 

The Camellia,  your source for Neob Lavender products, & Beekman 1802. Freshen up your Home Spa!

Happy Easter! The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, On

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tropical Inspiration, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Today we are heading to Jolly Harbour, Antigua for Tropical inspiration. When Winter starts to drag, the Caribbean is the place to head to, 28 -29 C most days. Antigua boasts that they have 360 beaches, we manged to see only  a few. This beach is the best one for Seashell collecting...masses of small shells wash up on shore,  this is the North finger.

One gets inspired to pull out forgotten watercolours and attempt to paint. So many tropical blossoms and birds to paint. 

Have been meaning to try doing an  Art Journal...first attempt at this. 

We're heading to GAZEBO - the place to find unique Home Furnishings. Look at that pop of colour on the wall , makes you want to repaint your wall with #CottagePaint KIWI. As always when you visit the Caribbean, you return home wanting to redo your entire home's decor. 

Summer is coming...Daylight Savings time starts this weekend, Time to think about outdoor entertaining, and outdoor furniture.

Colour ...and more colour. At The Camellia, we are all about colour, think about how to introduce more colour into your decor for the Summer. 

These are special pieces found at Gazebo in Antigua, but you can redo an old piece of furniture with Cottage Paint from The Camellia. 

We have an Antique Dining ( solid wood)  room set for sale with 2 leaves and 4 chairs. This is a great Cottage Paint project,  some of the joints on the chairs need  regluing. To refinish, you will need 1 , maybe 2 quarts of Cottage Paint. Contact us at 475-3551 if interested. 

Lovely Wicker set from Gazebo. 

For Tropical decor Inspiration, visit The Camellia. Open Wednesday through Sunday. 
Sat. 11-5, Sunday 12-5. 
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, 10 miuntes from Thunder Bay Airport heading south.