Monday, February 19, 2018

Unique Gifts for Lake/Beachy People in Thunder Bay.

mussels and more pottery the camellia

Need a Gift for a couple that lives by the Lake in the Thunder Bay area? A Pottery mug from Mussels 'n More makes a wonderful Gift. Add in a cotton apron, and you're done! You can buy these mugs at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. in Thunder Bay. 

mussels and more pottery Thunder Bay The Camellia

Mussels and More Pottery comes in 3 colours, Aqua and beige, Navy and Beige, and a sandy Beige. Nautical dinnerware is brought to life in a high fired porcelain clay body. Our nautical dinnerware line includes nautical plates, nautical coffee mugs, starfish bowls and nautical themed pottery bowls. 
Elegant and practical to enhance your coastal decor, yet safe and durable for everyday dinnerware use. Mussels and More Pottery is inspired by life on the seashore, the Seashell Bowls in various sizes and designs are replicas of shells on the beach. 
These individually handmade pottery bowls are as unique as they are in nature. Each piece is adorned with sculpted starfish, barnacles and other sea creatures, and then hand painted with a fade proof palette of brilliant ocean colour. 
This pottery is made for you to enjoy setting your Table...your Guests will hear the surf, smell the salty air of the clear ocean waters, as you serve your finest recipes on this lovely, hand-crafted nautical Tableware. 

lake apron and Napa soap The Camellia

A bar of Napa Valley Soap, along with our 1-day-at-the-beach apron, also makes a wonderful Gift for a Lake dweller. You can buy Napa Valley Soap at out store, the Camellia. Napa Valley Soap is an intoxicating blend of Napa Valley grapeseed oil, olive, coconut, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and a healthy dose of Napa Valley wine. This bar smells wonderful, and is long-lasting. 

lake linen the Camellia

Lake towels and cushions add that Beachy feel to a Lakeside retreat. 

lake life

Visiting the Lake is a treat in the Summer. What memories do you have of visiting the Lake? What are you planning for the coming Summer? 

your perfect

Need a guest favour at your upcoming Lake party? What about custom Fishing hooks? Order at You can pick up Hooks at the Thunder Bay Country Market, or get your order shipped to you. 

lake water lilies The Camellia

The water is so clear...sometimes you can see the roots of these Waterlilies. 
Visit The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Thunder Bay, for Lake Gifts and Mussels and More Pottery. Or call us at (807) 475-3551, order by phone, and we will deliver your Gift! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

How to decorate in the new JUNGLE style...The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario

scrapbook paper

It's February in #ThunderBay, and it has been so cold ( as it usually is), so we seek diversion today by talking about a recent trend, Jungle Style. Just the sight of green, tropical foilage makes one feel better. It's so-not-great looking at all that snow outside. Snow is a wonder in December, maybe January, then by February, it's like..enough already! Jungle foilage is showing up in wallpaper, and in fabrics, linens & cushions. 

faux flowers at The Camellia

We have Bird of Paradise blooms which look beautiful in a vase, and these are faux, so they last and last. You can buy these at our shop, the Camellia. 

tropical paper

Here is some colourful, scrapbooking paper. If you've just gone on a Tropical vacay, this would be perfect for your scrapbook. 

magnolia home at target
Faux plants and succulents add a jungle vibe, these ones are especially real-looking, from the Magnolia Home collection ( Target),  however, we also sell them at The Camellia. If you are a fan of Joanna Gaines, you will see her using a lot of silk-like foilage in large, glass vessels. You can easily repurpose bottles and pickle jars to make your own vases. 

wyndham hotels mexico

Thatched roofs surely speak to us and remind us of the Jungle, as most structures in the jungle have thatched roofs. You can make a fake thatching with raffia strands. This was taken at Viva Wyndham Maya, in Mexico. 

jungle trees

Green plants are an integral part of the Jungle look, head to your local florist to buy some potted plants. If the thought of taking care of a plant makes you want to pull your hair out, then come into our store, the Camellia, and see the latest in faux plants, and order a planter which needs no care. 

Rocky mountain soap thunder Bay The Camellia

If your are heading on a Tropical vacay, make sure to pack #RockyMountainSoap outdoor butter. It's easy to be lulled into thinking there are no bugs, and you don't feel anything biting you. Then you get the itching around the ankles, maybe sandflies biting in the evenings, or ants may have bitten you when you were laying at the beach under the palm trees. Ants love sand, water, and palm trees. Just pack this into your beach bag and apply once in the morning, and again in the evening. We sell #RockyMountainSoap #OutdoorButter at #TheCamellia. 

Rocky Mountain Soap sunscreen

Don't forget to also pack #RockyMountainSoap's natural sunscreen, with SPF of 31. 

cottage paint the camellia, thunder bay chalky paint

Don't have any green decor items? Repurpose an item with #CottagePaint, maybe a small end table, photo frames, or a vase. There are over 50 colours in #CottagePaint. Shown above are Kiwi, Chive, and Forest shadow. You can buy #CottagePaint at our store, The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. 

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