Saturday, January 29, 2022

Valentine's Day at-home, Gift delivery in Thunder Bay, The Camellia

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop; Valentine's Day 2022

Eucalyptus Spa Napa gift set

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is all about red Rose bouquets and chocolate, at The Camellia, we like to think outside the box, and would like to offer some alternatives to the usual. Above is our Napa Spring Spa gift set, with a Eucalyptus Spa Napa Soap from St. Helena, a handmade weighted Eye mask, and a Spring potted hyacinth plant. The Eucalyptus Spa soap bar is reminiscent of a Day at the Spa, and contains peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil. It feels good to be pampered. Buy online $49.00 +hst and Delivery. 

Small Lavender gift set with Goat's Milk soap

This brightly coloured Lavender bag is a small something for a friend, Lavender is known for its calming properties, and Goat's Milk soap is wonderful for your skin.

Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm, Vancouver Island

A Lavender Gift set is the next best thing to being able to visit a Lavender Farm in person, we hope that Covid restrictions will be lifted this Summer. Buy Lavender bunches here:
$17.95 + hst+delivery. 

Who hasn't thought about the luxury of being able to spend a Day in Bed? This is our 'A Day in Bed' Gift basket, with a cozy pillow, a comfy ribbed throw, and a Dried Eucalyptus Spray. Priced at $150.00 +hst. Phone to order at 807-475-3551. Buy online at $150.00+hst+delivery. 

flowers and moss in a bowl at a Bali Spa

While we all wish we could visit a Spa in Bali, like in the photo above, the next best thing is to order one of our Spa-at-home gift sets for your Valentine. 
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Phone The Camellia 807-475-3551

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Want to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets? Ugly duckling Cabinet Door DIY at-home Kit

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop, & Cottage Paint stockist. 

using Cottage Paint cleaner on a cabinet door

January is typically when the month when homeowners look around their Home, and start planning Home Renovations. You may be living with an outdated Kitchen, and would like to update it, but may not have the budget for a complete redo. Perhaps you want to put your house up for sale in the Spring. Normally we would hold Kitchen Cabinet paint classes in January, so you can learn about the whole process. You do not want to be practicing on your Cabinets. So we have put together an 'Ugly Duckling" DIY at-home kit, with everything you need to paint a Cabinet door. 
The biggest first step is Cleaning your cabinet doors, and drawer fronts. We recommend using Cottage Paint Furniture Clean and Prep. Pay close attention to cleaning around handles, raised edges, and the parts of the cabinet door which gets handled the most. Buy Cottage Paint cleaner here:  

cleaning a wooden cabinet door

If your doors are very dirty, you may have to clean them 2 or 3 times. Paint will not adhere well to a dirty surface. 

Cottage painted cabinet door, distressed look

There are 3 types of Cottage Paint - Expression, Serenity and Reflection. The above finish which is distressed, and stencilled, is Cottage Paint Expressions. This cabinet is 30+ years old, and gets a lot of traffic in a Mudroom. The most popular Kitchen Cabinet colour is White. White is not for everyone, it shows up every bit of dirt and every spill. We have curated our 16 most popular Cottage Paint Cabinet colours here:

Cottage painted kitchen cabinets

If you want a modern, solid look, as in the photo above, you need Serenity Cottage Paint. Colours like Driftwood, and Anchor will be easier to take care of. 

old oak cabinet door

This kit will have a wooden cabinet door which you will paint, like the door above, it is indeed, quite ugly. Kitchens are busy places in the Home, they get a lot of use,  and food often spills on the cabinet doors. 

Paint your Cabinet door Kit

Your kit will contain 1 Furniture Clean and Prep, Serenity or Expression Paint, along with a roller and brush kit. 

Cottage Paint your Cabinet Door kit

Instructions will be included, and a list of resources for Painting your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets. 
As we all want to stay safe ( no in-person Classes), we are introducing our UGLY DUCKLING Cabinet Door Makeover DIY Kit. Included will be a wooden cabinet door, Cottage Paint cleaner, 1 can of Cottage Paint, a Roller & Brusk kit, with instructions. You need to make 2 decisions:
-do you prefer a solid painted look, or a distressed finish?
- what colour do you want to paint your Cabinet door? 

For more information, visit us in-store at The Camellia, at 30, Hacquoil Rd. (off Hwy.61), or online at 
IG :@camelliafromnaturetohome
Shop online for Cottage Paint at  
p- 807-475-3551


Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! 2022 is here!

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop

Here we are at the start of a brand New year! 2022! It's a chilly -21 Celsius and sunny here in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 

turtle swimming in the ocean

In Antigua, it is a beautiful sunny day, and 27 degrees Celsius. We hope you are having a great day whether you are in the cold, or in the Caribbean. 

2022 paper planners

Some of us are list makers and Goals-to-be-set- kind-of-people, and the new paper smell of a fresh planner is kind of nice. It's a day to put up 2022 calendars, and to start writing in a new planner. 

a person arranging flowers in a vase

Maybe you have taken your Christmas Tree down ( amidst a flurry of pine needles), and are wondering what to put in that bare spot. A Dried floral arrangement filled with pods, and Pampas grass would look lovely. Here at The Camellia, we can custom make a Floral for your space. 

Cleaning out your purse could be on your To-Do list, this lovely Vera Bradley purse would ensure that you carry just what you need, and enable you to find your things in a timely manner. We sell Vera Bradley purses and weekenders at our store, The Camellia. Organization is everything, especially for us ADD people. One of your New Year's goals might be to find a home for those items which have piled up on your counters, and maybe to donate what you no longer need to Goodwill. 

desk with sign, get sh__ done

Some of us are uber goal-oriented, and just want to get stuff done. 

Maybe you have committed to eating healthier, and exercising more. To make time for yourself, and do more yoga, and self-care. 

pink tulips in field

Most of all, we wish that everyone gets better, and that we can return to some sort of a normal life again. 
We will post our January hours soon, you can call us at 807-475-3551, 
and shop online at

The Camellia , 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario.