Camellia's Garden

We love to garden! Gardening can be somewhat challenging in Northwestern Ontario, especially now with the ever-increasing deer and groundhog population. Mostly we grow flowers and foilage, with the occasional vegetable here and there. This peony was moved  from our farm on Broadway Ave. where it was growing in sandy soil. Here it sits in clay and it is obviously in too much shade, as the leaves develop black dots after it flowers.

This is some kind of perennial Bamboo, a friend gave it to me. It likes growing  up against the edge of a   building, and spreads rapidly. Great
 for wreath-making, as it resembles salal leaves.

Here's a finished wreath, made with the Bamboo leaves.

Sunflowers are spectacular in the garden, and the birds will love you for planting them.

This is Lavender Hidcote, which is a different type of Lavender. Bees love the blooms. We used them to make wreaths. We used the lavender, not the bees...!!

This is hanging green amaranthus, which was grown from Burpee's Seeds, and started by Belluz Greenhouses.

This is a floral arrangement made with the hanging amarmathus which we grew.

Occasionally, the odd vegetable is grown here. Mostly we are obsessed with Flowers and blooms.

This is a New Guinea Impatiens, which will bloom profusely in a sunny, south-facing location, provided you keep up with watering and constant hydration.

Beautiful Daylily our pond. These plants were bought at the annual Lakehead Conservation Authority's plant Sale. 

Come visit Camellia's in the Summer.....ask us what we're growing now.....