Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not...He Loves Me...

Valentine's Day is always greeted with an equal mix of anticipation and derision. From the, "Oh it's a made up holiday" or "It's a Hallmark holiday" or "It doesn't really mean anything anyway" to the "Oooh I can't wait to see what he has planned." And whether or not we admit to it, fact is, we all wait with bated breath to see if there are any deliveries - flowers, cookiegrams, something to indicate we are being thought of.
For some of us, Valentine's Day takes us back to the time when we first met, a time filled with excitement and romance, and, well, Flowers! Course now, what was once viewed with delight (back in the day when I received Roses every week much to the envy of my dorm roommates), now is viewed with a tiny bit of suspicion as in as "Ok what'd you do?"

Am I alone in this?

To ensure this doesn't happen to you, buy Flowers for your Beloved, often.

We also have a few Gift selections to include with your gift of flowers:

Green Thumb Gift Selection: $69.00

This package is perfect for an aspiring gardener, and includes faux African Violets
in a ceramic pitcher, garden spade, gardening book and gloves.

Weekend in Paris Gift selection: $66.00-$150.00

This package includes a few things one might pick up while spending a Weekend in Paris....Paris wall plaque, chambre keyholder,wall hook, Moulin Rouge flower holder, Cigale French milled soap with wooden holder, and a framed print. Nice additions to this package include Lavender Linen sachets, or perhaps a provencal tablecloth. Ooh la la!!

Mmmm Chocolates

But not just any chocolates...Belgian cocoa dusted Truffles - 1lb. box $13.99, Add their favorite wine, or some local Gouda cheese to this selection.

Can't wait for Spring Gift selection: $50.00

Feel like Spring will never arrive? This package includes faux or fresh tulips, with an inspiring book on Tulips, to cheer a person up!

We offer delivery (locally) or shipping (if needed). Delivery/Shipping charges will apply.

Call me at 807-475-3551 or toll-free (in Canada) at 1-877-523-7444.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I thee wed

You thought finding your soulmate and perfect partner was hard??

Try planning a wedding!

Caterers, marriage certificates, special occasions permit, toasting glasses, centerpieces, the list goes on and on.

Not to mention all the people you’ve to invite – and really it’s because your mother says you’ve to invite them.

While we can’t help you with any of those things, we can guarantee you’ll have the most memorable flowers, unique wedding favours, and a stunning location!

Always in bloom flowers

We will create the bouquet of your dreams with fresh-look, faux, botanical flowers.

Why choose faux?

Because it’s one less potential for disaster!

Let’s take a moment to explore the origin of flowers.

Last Spring, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Flower Markets in Holland . One of my in-laws is a grower and that spring her specialty was Campanula – in White, Lavender & Purple. I got to help with picking the blooms, bundling them, packing them in crates, and then taking them to the Market. There, her crop was put into the Auction, bought, and then shipped to various countries.

Although Canada grows a lot of flowers, the majority of our favourite blooms travel many miles before they arrive at your local florist (check out the video at for an overview of the flower growing & buying process).

Going with faux blooms offers you an environmentally friendly and sustainable option – something you can feel great about and have a fantastic custom bouquet that looks so real you’d have to touch it to know it wasn’t. It also leaves less room for disaster – for e.g. your flower of choice isn’t in season; poor handling resulting in crushed and/or wilted flowers. They also travel well (for those of you planning a wedding moon).

Faux arrangements are finished ahead of time giving you one less thing to worry about and they’ll last long after your wedding day is over, leaving you with a lasting memento and keepsake. Choose from roses, lilacs, sweet peas, calla lilies, daisies, orchids, dahlias, zinnias, and so much more. Luxurious ribbons add the final embellishment and sparkle to your bouquet.

I'll transform this
Into this

And this

If you’re like me – creative, crafty, and a DIY-er then consider signing up for one of my Wedding Flower classes here at the Camelia. We’ve DIY supplies and flowers close at hand; knowledge of wrapping stems in floral tape would help.

Visitg to book your complimentary wedding consultation today or come visit us at the store. Our hours: Saturday 11-5 & Sunday Noon-5. We're also open by appointment.

Valentine's Day Contest:

Enter the draw to win a Spa basket from The Camellia and Brunch for 2 at the
Travelodge Airlane.. Draw to take place Feb. 11th. Entry box is in the Lobby at
the Airlane on Arthur St.
Wedding favours

Traditionally weddings were considered a lucky occasion and by passing out bonbonnieres or wedding favours onto wedding guests, the Happy Couple felt they were sharing their good luck upon their guests.

They are a time-honoured tradition and we’ve the perfect wedding favour for you, now that you’ve hooked your perfect partner.

"Get Hooked" are unique fishing lure wedding favours!

Each lure is hand tied and locally assembled with 25 lure colors available. We have several label designs to choose from along with two packaging options.

For more information please ring 807-475-5388 or email


Location Location Location

Meander slightly off the beaten path (35mins from Downtown Thunder Bay) to Taiga Ventures for the perfect wedding location. Our location is one of the healthiest Conference Centres in the world and is the perfect setting for your for engagement and rehearsal parties, bridal showers, and of course, your wedding day.

Taiga, perfectly private and secluded, sits upon a glacial esker created during the last ice age and features a 100 mile vista, several kilometers of cross-country skiing and hiking trails. During the warmer months, tents of any size can be accommodated in the garden allowing for any number of guests.

Lindsey and Damon Crack celebrated with an outdoor winter wedding, and a day of dog sled rides and tobogganing for guests. Dawn Marie and Michael Sabaz exchanged wedding vows in the warmth and beauty of The Grotto.

Our on-site caterers are committed to creating an epicurean feast for your wedding – fresh, healthful ingredients, locally grown in season whenever possible.

Evelyne is also a Wedding Officiant with All Seasons Weddings and can be contracted to officiate at your wedding, no matter where it's taking place.

For details regarding any of our activities or to book an event, contact us at 807-577-6972 or taiga

Join us at The Camellia on Feb 27 & 28 for our Wedding Open House - we'll have floral and bouquet samples, wedding favours, and sign up sheets for Taiga tours.