Wednesday, February 10, 2010

He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not...He Loves Me...

Valentine's Day is always greeted with an equal mix of anticipation and derision. From the, "Oh it's a made up holiday" or "It's a Hallmark holiday" or "It doesn't really mean anything anyway" to the "Oooh I can't wait to see what he has planned." And whether or not we admit to it, fact is, we all wait with bated breath to see if there are any deliveries - flowers, cookiegrams, something to indicate we are being thought of.
For some of us, Valentine's Day takes us back to the time when we first met, a time filled with excitement and romance, and, well, Flowers! Course now, what was once viewed with delight (back in the day when I received Roses every week much to the envy of my dorm roommates), now is viewed with a tiny bit of suspicion as in as "Ok what'd you do?"

Am I alone in this?

To ensure this doesn't happen to you, buy Flowers for your Beloved, often.

We also have a few Gift selections to include with your gift of flowers:

Green Thumb Gift Selection: $69.00

This package is perfect for an aspiring gardener, and includes faux African Violets
in a ceramic pitcher, garden spade, gardening book and gloves.

Weekend in Paris Gift selection: $66.00-$150.00

This package includes a few things one might pick up while spending a Weekend in Paris....Paris wall plaque, chambre keyholder,wall hook, Moulin Rouge flower holder, Cigale French milled soap with wooden holder, and a framed print. Nice additions to this package include Lavender Linen sachets, or perhaps a provencal tablecloth. Ooh la la!!

Mmmm Chocolates

But not just any chocolates...Belgian cocoa dusted Truffles - 1lb. box $13.99, Add their favorite wine, or some local Gouda cheese to this selection.

Can't wait for Spring Gift selection: $50.00

Feel like Spring will never arrive? This package includes faux or fresh tulips, with an inspiring book on Tulips, to cheer a person up!

We offer delivery (locally) or shipping (if needed). Delivery/Shipping charges will apply.

Call me at 807-475-3551 or toll-free (in Canada) at 1-877-523-7444.

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