Friday, August 13, 2021

August 2021 hours at The Camellia and

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop

Hello!  With all the heat we have had this Summer, it is a relief to enjoy some cooler nights. This is the perfect time to harvest your Flowers and Veggies, and to finish up all those Cottage Paint projects you started. 

WED. 11-5, THURS. 12-5,  FRI. 11-5, SAT. 11-5p. 
 We are OPEN now until Friday, August 20th. 2021.  

Fall flowers The Camellia Thunder Bay

Buy Cottage Paint online Colour: Monarch

Buy Cottage Paint ,, colour Beaver Tail

Cottage painted door with Fall colours

Fall flowers at the Camellia, Slate River Valley, On

Fall classes at the Camellia, I
pine cones on barnboard

We are lucky to be enjoying such great weather ....we know the month of September looms, and for some of you, that means a return to work. If you started a lot of Painting projects, now is the time to make a plan for finishing them. We have lots of Cottage Paint in stock, and have been working hard at updating our website. To see our Paint collections , click here:  
Stop by and see us, and get a sample of the New Cottage Paint colours. We have the following colours on sale: these are being discontinued:
Khaki, Grape, Black Hawk, Tangerine, Kiwi and Pumpkin.

Transition into this new season with our collection of faux Flowers, berries, dried flowers, and grasses. All of our Classes will be in the form of At-Home DIY kits, so start planning some Craft nights with your besties! 

DIY Class sign kits at
Fall colours at Tourist centre, Pigeon River, On.

Garden flowers hanging up to dry, the Camellia

Fall is the best time to go for a hike and forage for dried branches, grasses, and ferns !  Some of you have been drying your blooms from your cutting Garden, and then hanging them upside down  to dry. We have been picking branches and preserving them in glycerin, which keeps the leaves pliable and turns them a beautiful shade of brown. Foraging in Nature is very rewarding, and a great stress-reliever. 

We just received new Clara Clark sheets ( Lavender,  Eggplant, and Pink in stock now, along with other colours) in 1800 TC queen size. Lime is now available in Queen size ( before it was only available in Twin size), we order once a month, next order deadline is  Sept.18th. Phone us at 807-475-3551. Click here to see all the colours and sizes,

----------------------------------STAYING SAFE 
We are OPEN. Open Wednesday through to Saturday ( we may take some Sundays off during Summer). There are 2 of us here, and we have had both of our vaccinations.

You can purchase and shop for Paint, Handmade items and Floral, and some Bedding online at our new website:
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Friday, July 16, 2021

The NEW Cottage Paint online at The Camellia, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

the NEW Cottage Paint logo, 2021

Click on the Video link to hear all about the NEW Cottage Paint!

Hello!  Welcome to a colourful evolution .... 
welcome to the NEW Cottage paint!
Cottage Paint is more than just a Furniture Paint, it is a source of Inspiration for every creative soul, and offers a moment of unwinding and relaxation. This total rebranding brings with it changes....e.g. the names of the colours have changed.  Here at The Camellia, we are here to help you through this change. 

Introducing 4 NEW Cottage Paint colours....! Inspired by the colours and textures of the great Canadian outdoors. 

Cottage Paint Can, Serenity, Blue Heron
Blue Heron.

new Cottage Paint Serenity paint can, Creekside


new Cottage Paint can, Serenity, monarch


new Cottage Paint serenity can, warm glow

Warm Glow

Summer is such a great Season!  The colour palette of Cottage Paint is inspired by time spent at a tranquil Summer Cottage. We are happy to Welcome you back to our store. As so many of you have told us, it is difficult to choose paint colours on a computer screen. 

July is the perfect month to get all those 'someday' Paint projects done. Stop by and see us instore, and get a sample of the new Cottage Paint colours. If you need advice on your Paint projects, take some photos to show us when you come into our store, the Camellia. 

dog sleeping on bed

Summer is the best time ever! Imagine stepping out of the shower  ( having washed with a  creamy bar of our Napa Soap), drying off with a  big fluffy towel, changing into cute PJ's, and snuggling under fresh  Clara Clark Bedsheets in a crispy air-conditioned room.  It doesn't get much better!

We just received new Clara Clark sheets ( Lavender,  Eggplant, and Pink in stock now, along with other colours) in 1800 TC queen size. Lime is now available in Queen size ( before it was only available in Twin size), we order once a month, next order deadline is  July 24th. Phone us at 807-475-3551. Click here to see all the colours and sizes,

Buy Clara Clark sheet sets online at

----------------------------------STAYING SAFE 
We are OPEN. Open Wednesday through to Saturday ( we may take some Sundays off during Summer). There are 2 of us here, and we have had both of our vaccinations.

You can purchase and shop for Paint, Handmade items and Floral, and some Bedding online at our new website:
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Eggplant Clara Clark sheet set 1800tc.

Shop local at The Camellia.
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario. 
Open Wed. through Sunday.

Friday, June 25, 2021

We are OPEN at The Camellia, it's Summer and Ontario is opening up!

At long last.....Everything is opening up! You can come into our store, the Camellia, and SHOP!! ( Wear a mask, and follow all the usual safety protocols). No more guessing at the wrong paint colours. There are a lot of products which just can't be ordered online. Cottage Paint colours on the computer are not the same as the actual colour in the can. 
Ontario is 75% vaccinated with their first dose, and 25% have had both doses. We know everyone is ready for Life to return to some sort of normal. At least, it's Summer now and everything is lush, and green. Time to leave our homes, and get outside!

Lake in Northern Ontario

Who can't wait to go a longish Road trip? Parents wanting to be able to see their children. Grandparents wanting to see their grandbabies. Those waiting for the U.S./Canada border to open up ( supposedly we are weeks away from borders opening up ). Here in Northern Ontario, most of us have been out Fishing and Day Camping. 

Marina in Thunder Bay with sailboats

Twilight at Thunder Bay's marina ....Summertime is here!

white hibiscus bloom with ferns

Summer is a good time to change out your Floral arrangements in your Home or Camp. so many of us have missed our winter vacays in the Tropics, why not decorate with our real-looking Hibiscus and Ginger stems? No water or extra care needed, they have long stems so they are suitable for use in a tall vase. 

mango coloured hibiscus bloom

Cottage Paint lavender and perfect pink

Here at the Camellia, we stock Cottage Paint which is a water-based chalk-like Paint that transforms Furniture and cabinets. Cottage Paint has a wonderful palette of 60+ colours, and we can tint here at our store. 

Garden flowers- columbine and Iris blooms

Summer gardens have their own spectacular array of lovely lavenders and purples, and off-whites. 

DIY Class kit with saying

We have been working on some DIY sign kits which you can purchase if you have a small Craft party in your Home. Letters are black or white Vinyl, kits include a wooden board and Cottage Paint. Phone us at 807-475-3551 for prices . 

Cottage Paint robin's egg blue

Cottage Paint is perfect for Garden projects. Gardens look lovely with the addition of Birdhouses, and small obelisks, and ornaments. This colour is Robin's egg blue, and pairs up well with our patio tablecloths. These have a hole in the middle for the umbrella and a zipper up to the hole. 

making a deco mesh wreath

Here is a work-in-progress. A deco mesh Wreath which would look great out at Camp, this will be  a DIY kit you can purchase to make your own. It is time consuming, but the end result is worth it.

You can clip on photos of your family onto this wreath. Which brings us to another topic, take lots of photos. You never know when that photo is all you have left of someone.  

Visit us here at the Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario. 
Open Wednesday through to Saturday, generally 12 to 5p. 
Phone 807-475-3551. 
Shop online at

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Stop the Lockdown of Small businesses in Northern Ontario!!

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop
It is grossly unfair that Small local stores are forced to be constantly under Lockdown, especially in Northern Ontario, where our Covid cases are low, and our vaccination rate is over 50%. Not to mention our vast amount of land and Lakes where we can easily isolate, and it is Summertime. 

Silver Islet store near Thunder Bay, On

People utter new words like ..Pivot, if we hear the word Pivot one more time....!! Pivot to websites....? Here's what that looks like:
- customer makes an enquiry, orders on website (maybe after 15 emails or text messages back and forth), someone has to make the product, pack, and label, then set up a time for pick up or delivery. The whole process is very time-consuming. 

The reality is that business owners want to be Open, most of us have a few clients a day, if we are lucky. We are much safer than walking into Walmart or the grocery store. 

Here in Northern Ontario, our winters are cold, and everyone looks forward to Summer, to doing Outdoor activities, to painting, and decorating their homes, and going into stores like mine that sell Home decor and Paint. Our clients like talking to a real person, rather than dealing with a virtual AI assistant. ( Artificial intelligence or shall we say artificial insanity???)
If we lose our Summer season, as well as our Spring and the whole of last year, many of us will not survive. We haven't learnt the Art of making money grow on trees. 

stop lockdown of small shops

It is to be hoped that we can be open on June 14th. or 16th. or whatever date the Southern Ontario gods decide upon. 

The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario
p 807-475-3551

Saturday, May 22, 2021

When you have upgraded your Home and the people you live with are intent on destroying it.

Sometimes you wonder ...will this sh%% lockdown ever end? Everyone is at home, in your face, indefinitely. And no matter how much everyone tries to sugar-coat it, having your family around all the time is a challenge. 
A ginormous challenge. 

Mother feeling depressed

Phrases like ....'You are the worst parents and this is the worst Family ever!' get thrown out there by adult children who randomly decide to move back into their parents Home. In the meantime, parents who thought their parenting days were done, are thrown into complete chaos:  clothes and belongings pitched onto floors, bathrooms that are filthy, and driveways that are packed with trucks, and campers and boats, among other things. 

Bathroom with soaking tub,

The only place left to go is the bathroom, and your vehicle, yes, you can go,  and just go sit in your car. (sounds like someone has watched Too much Cat in the Hat....). You just want to run away from it all. but wait, you CAN'T go anywhere because of Covid and lockdowns. 

If some don't get sick from Covid, they will surely feel the effects of prolonged isolation, and may suffer prolonged mental health issues, depression, alcoholism and drug addictions, and sadly death by overdose. If someone in your family has died, you can't have a funeral as Churches are closed. 

Let's talk about your Home. Since the outbreak of Covid, Home renovations have increased to the point where wood and building supplies have jumped upwards in price. Supply chain challenges have hit every industry and product, which is why this is not a good time to do Home Renos. What renos are the most popular? Decks, Kitchen redos, Bathroom redos, Home Gyms, and Home offices.  House prices have jumped, partly because of low interest and mortgage rates. For most people, their Home is their biggest asset. Which is why it makes no sense when people who live in your Home are intent on destroying takes money, time and a lot of upheaval when doing Home renos. No-one is anxious to redo a room you have already done. 

oak floor being removed

Have you renovated rooms, only to have to redo them after a couple of years? What is your take on this? While your children are growing up, wear and tear of a Home is inevitable, but when they are adults and have moved out, then decided to move back home, it is very difficult. When they start yelling at you, in your own Home, because you dare voice your opinion, then something is very, very wrong. 

Who decided that parents should forever look after their children ...? Until the parents enter the Nursing Home, or until said parents are dead....surely it is not too much to expect that adult children can adult? 

Parents don't want to parent for the rest of their lives, maybe they have things they would like to do, like travel, or learn to paint, or whatever... They have earned the right to some time off. They are not responsible for the choices an adult child has made. It is not their job to FIX everything that is lacking in an adult child's Life. 

woman walking on a beach

Somehow, in the midst of all the chaos, we must struggle to keep our sanity, and to choose to be Happy. Baby step by baby step. Self care is of the utmost importance.
'nobody said it was easy' scrabble letters

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Mother's Day Gift delivery, Thunder Bay & Slate River, On

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop

Joanna Gaines Cookbook 1

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! If you need some ideas for a Gift for your Mom, read on. This is our Joanna Gaines Gift package, with her first Cookbook and our black ash Charcuterie board with live edge. There is also a small tin of Culinary Lavender buds, for making Lavender lemonade, or Lavender cupcakes.  

Joanna Gaines cookbook & charcuterie ash slab

Lake gift set the Camellia

For your Mom who loves Camping, but hates all the bugs we have here in Northern Ontario. A pair of handmade Flannel pillowcases, a No-see-um Mosquito net, camo leggings with Bug spray, and a stencilled Lake sign. Phone to order at 807-475-3551. 

No see um net

What are No-see-ums? They are pesky things that are tiny, they come out in the evening, their bites sting and are very itchy. This netting is very fine, 210 threads per square inch. Price is $49.95 +hst.

Dried Rose bunch for Thunder Bay delivery

 A  Gift of Dried Roses will last for a long time, and as long as you place then in a spot that's away from light, there is no upkeep!

coconut husk plant hanger

For all you Plant-Mommas out there, this Coconut Plant holder is a unique Gift, and will hold 2 Air plants. Buy online at

goats milk fish theme soap

Being a Mom is hard. Sometimes a shower is the only place to sneak a break from taking care of others. Here at the Camellia, we have a fine selection of hand-made Goat Milk soaps, like this Fish themed soap. 

Clara Clark sleep well package

Moms need all the sleep they can get ( their job is a tough one!), so why not treat  her to our Sleep well package? it has a Clara Clark cooling pillow, a set of very, very soft microfibre sheets, and a Lavender sleep spray from Neob Lavender farm in Niagara-on-the-lake. 

Lavender products to help anxiety

Lavender helps with anxiety, and as children get older, Moms will be fighting anxiety. We have Lavender bunches grown in France ( these really smell wonderful1), Lavender soap from Napa soap company in St. Helena, with Pillow spray and Muscle aches reliever roll-on from Neob Lavender.

Lavender spa package at The Camellia

If you need Mother's Day gift delivery in Thunder Bay and surrounds, ( Slate River), phone us at 807-475-3551. Shop online at
Parking lot pick-up at this time of Covid Lockdown. 
30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On. 

Friday, April 30, 2021

Shop The Camellia, at, Vendor at Craft Revival Tbay May1, May 2, 2021

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop

dried flower bunches at the Camellia

Craft Revival Virtual is on this Saturday and Sunday, May 1st. and 2nd.  SHOP at : . From there, you click on each Vendor's link to their individual website, pay online, and either pick up, or we are offering FREE delivery within the City!

Hello everyone!  How have you been?  It's Craft Revival Virtual, on this Saturday and Sunday only.

So how does it work?  You shop online on each vendor's website, pay online, then either pick up at each vendor's pick up location, or we are offering FREE Delivery within City limits  for this event. 

To see a Vendor list , click here: 

We are listed under the T's , the Camellia, and our website link where you can shop for Craft Revival goods  is

Once you go our Website, I window,  look on the right and go to the section labelled Craft Revival, Handmade & Vintage.  You can also shop on the other sections on our website. 

If you have any questions, pick up the phone and call, we are here all weekend!! It is a new way of Shopping, and can be confusing.  We get it!  p.807-475-3551

charcuterie board Black ash

Hydrangea Twig wreath with tulips


  • Charcuterie Black Ash boards, $20-$25.00 ea.
  • Curly willow Bunches (  5 stems per bunch at $30.00 a bunch) . Lavender bunches, Bunnytails, and PAMPAS GRASS 40" tall.
  • Dried Sauna bundles of Eucalyptus
  • Handmade Hare
  • Nautical Pottery
  • Burlap Lake wreaths
  • Dried Bunches and Dried floral swags
  • Coconut husk air plant hangers
  • Magnolia Wreaths
  • Painted signs & Furniture

----------------------------------STAYING SAFE 
You can purchase and shop for Paint, Handmade items and Floral, and some Bedding online at our new website:
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Cottage Paint at