Monday, June 25, 2012

Ikea Kitchen Makeover at Beach cottage

 When I travel to Europe, I'm always amazed at how clean and tidy their houses are, and how they mange to purge themselves of all things unnecessary. Everything is there, but hidden in cupboards. The counters are clean, and no, they don't have a Maid service coming in regularly.

I think the only people who have clean kitchens are the ones that eat out all the time. NOT happening at my place, here's a scrumptious Coffee Cake which was just made.

In Europe, they seem to have  a knack for mixing ultra modern Ikea cabinets with century-old antiques, and it blends and looks wonderful. How do they do it? 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer photos at the Camellia

 It's always more fun to do Product Shoots in the Summer. Warmer weather, green grass, and blue skies.

 We sell this wonderful Hand Lotion at Camellia's - smells just like fresh Lilacs!

 And their Soap is heavenly!

 A Butterfly stops by, attracted by the Lilacs....

 Love this old Window idea for a Garden wedding.

Eiffel Tower  Candle Holder with 2 levels - this would look great in a Gazebo, especially at night!

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Oh I almost forgot - about the grand Opening of the BBAC at the Marina this Friday.
You'll find our work in the Gallery , and on Friday we will be at the Handmade Market from 5-9p.

The Season Opening of the Baggage Building Arts Centre, Splash Pad and
 Mariner's Hall Exhibits at Prince Arthur's Landing.

 Baggage Building Arts Centre
 Create your own art project to take home, meet local artists and arts
 groups, watch mural demonstrations, listen to great local music, visit the
 gift gallery and artisan market and more.
 The Arts Centre will be a hub of artistic programming, demonstrations,
 displays and sales all summer long.

 Splash Pad
 Bring your bathing suit and make a splash in Thunder Bay's newest, state 
 of the art splash pad.

 Activity stations around the Splash Pad will keep the kids busy with
 bubbles, chalk-art murals, fun and games.

 Mariner's Hall Exhibits
 Get ready to learn about the History of Prince Arthur's Landing, the
 Canadian Navy, and Thunder Bay's role in Flowing Grain to the World.

 Check out the exhibits and chat with interpreters.

                        Friday June 15
                          Prince Arthur's Landing

Friday, June 1, 2012

Easy DIY with Rhubarb leaves

 Rhubarb leaves are so plentiful in the garden at the moment. You may look at them and think, well, they're too big to use in an arrangement.

 You can roll them up like when you're making a sushi wrap, then use green wool to bind.

 Use purple floral dye in the water, or mix red and blue food colouring into the water.

 Add a faux or fresh Dahlia, and voila! A 10 minute masterpiece!

 Looks like some exotic tropical leaf, but it's just Rhubarb.

 So much texture, it'll be interesting to see the leaves change after they soak up the purple dye.

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