Sunday, March 21, 2021

Reminder that the World is still a Beautiful place. Flowers bring us Joy.

pink crabapple blossom

It feels sometimes that we are suspended in time, waiting for this virus to go away and for things to return to normal, whatever that is. Life and Death marches on, whether we are ready for it or not. 
To those of you who have lost loved ones, and cannot have a funeral, we get that this is very difficult. For those of you planning a Wedding, there have been so many ups and downs. 
Expectant mothers are worried about giving birth in a Hospital with Covid cases.
Many of us are worried about the length of time it's taking to vaccinate everyone in Canada.

white flowering apple tree

It is time to remind ourselves to take a deep breath....and just breathe. It will be Spring soon, we can sit outside on our decks and visit, taking care to stay the required distance from each other. Remind yourself that flowers will bloom again. 
We will be ok. We will get through this.

pink flowering crabapple trees

Our world will become green again, and trees will be awash with blooms. It will be so nice to be able to walk outside without mushing in snow and ice. Who will you visit first, once it's safe to do so?

white blooms on crabapple tree

Here at The Camellia, we have been concentrating on healing after Knee replacement, and we are in lockdown because of Thunder Bay's high Covid numbers. If you need any product, phone us at 807-475-3551, or shop online at

green collage of Cottage Paint

Happy Spring! 
the Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, Ontario

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Spring is coming...Hello March! The Camellia, Slate River, Ontario

We are thankful that the days are getting longer, it was actually warm enough to sit outside in the sunshine today! Hello March! And sadly, we are in Lockdown mode here, again. Our Covid case count in Thunder Bay is too high. 

If you need to purchase Cottage Paint, Lavender bunches, Spring Flowers, bedding, or Skincare products, please order online at I You can arrange to do contactless pick-up by phoning 807-475-3551.

On the good news side, Vaccinations have started in Thunder Bay, and everyone hopes that this will help get the virus under control. 

I am sure everyone is missing all those wonderful Winter vacays to Caribbean destinations....sigh... Who can't wait to go on a Vacation?

Spring willow Twig Wreaths. 

We are your Cottage Paint stockist in Northern Ontario. 

Usually at this time of the year, we would be getting ready for the Spring Home & Garden Show, this will be the second year that all Trade Shows are cancelled. You can still connect with Vendors by following This page will be updated soon. 
Phone us at 807-475-3551 to ask questions, and shop online at