Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year from The Camellia!

Wishing you a Happy & healthy 2016! 

If you are pondering things and Life in general, specifically YOUR Life, here is an excellent, thought-provoking read:

The Camellia will be open from Jan, 6th, 2016.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas from The Camellia, Thunder Bay!

Merry Christmas from The Camellia!! 

We know you have loads of stuff to do, so here are our hours for the Holiday season.
Wednesday, Dec. 23rd. 11-5.30

Thursday, Dec. 24th. 12-5.00
Dec. 25th. to Jan. 5th. Closed
Jan. 6th. 2016 onwards -  OPEN

W e know some of you are planning on doing some painting over the Holidays, or you're planning a 2016 Wedding, or have out-of-town Guests and would like to visit The Camellia, so just call at 9am that day and arrange a time to come out ( for the period Dec. 27th. to Jan. 5th)  

In the meantime, we have lots of Gift items in stock, like our Beekman Pamper Kit at $12.95, Goats' Milk soaps from $6.95, water -repellent Placemats priced at $12.95 /set of 4. A gift of Neob Lavender from Niagara is a real treat...Lavender is a natural stress reliever, and the muscle & joint cream is wonderful for aches & pains. Come into our store #TheCamellia, or we can put together a Lavender Gift pack, and deliver for you. If calling from outside Thunder Bay, use our toll-free # 1-877-523-7444. 

Have a Happy Holiday, and a Joyous New Year's, and a big THANK YOU for shopping at The Camellia!! 

The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On. P7J0E2
Toll free at 1-877-523-7444

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gifts for Guys, The Camellia, Slate River, Ontario

The countdown is on ...we will not stress you out by saying how many days until Christmas...maybe you're pondering  what to buy for the guys on your list. You walk into the Big box guy store...and the smell of tires and rubber knocks you out, you beat a hasty retreat back to your vehicle. Think, think, THINK, what to get? 

Does he like to whip up stuff in the kitchen? Get him a Beekman 1802 Apology Pie Mix - a delicious, no bake pie. Buy it at #TheCamellia.

Does he like to shave the old-fashioned way? Get him #RockyMountain Peppermint Shave bar. ( Girls, this is great for you as well!)

Does he come home from work in the Summertime, change his clothes and head straight out to the Garden? Then this hand-cut Grow metal sign ( made by Elaina in Thunder Bay) would be perfect for him. And it's non-rusting. 

Guys love to be pampered! Get him some Beekman 1802 Goats" Milk Soaps, natural & chemical free.

If he loves the outdoors, get him a Multikap from #TheCamellia. Check out their video : We have them in stock in Camo, denim, & grey. Also great for Golfing, fishing, Camping, etc. 

Add some Bug repellent to their Gift ( they will love you for it).

His favourite chair may be looking a bit can buy him some Serenity Cottage Paint and repaint his fav chair, this colour is Crinson Red. You can buy #SerenityCottagePaint at #TheCamellia.

He may have a Man-cave, old wooden tables can be revamped with #UrbanCottage Paint. Comes in various coloured metallic finishes.

Of course, every Man-Cave ( even if it's just a corner of the room with his favourite recliner) needs a Man-Cave sign. These are metal, and we have a few different styles in stock at #TheCamellia.

If he loves being outdoors in the Summer, these make a great Gift for the Patio or out at Camp. They are 40 ft. wide on the bottom, and even the hoop at the top, folds up for easy transport.

Visit The Camellia for useful Gifts for the men in your Life.
We are at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd, Slate River.
Open Wed. 11-5, Thurs. 12-5, Fri. 11-5, Sat 11-5, and Sunday 12-5p.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Possible Gifts for Impossible People, The Camellia, Thunder Bay, On

December is here, and it's the-what-do-we-get-for-Aunt Sophie-what-do-we-get-for-Joe-who-has-everything? We have loved ones in Nursing Homes, we want to get them something special, but WHAT? These are the people who took care of us when we were little, I remember ( back when I was little) wanting some clothes for my Doll, and my Mum, who sewed a little bit, tried her best. I waited patiently, doll sans clothes in my hands, while she attempted to sew the impossibly small outfits. These are the special ones who maybe sang us this song....

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey...We have this cushion for sale at our shop, #TheCamellia, Cushions make a nice Gift for someone in a Retirement home. 

SO often, we hear older visitors to out store exclaim, "Oh, If I still had my house, I would get this..and this,,and .." This printed Rudolph cushion makes a great Gift. 

Our stain resistant. water repellent Tablcloths are a good choice for Gift-giving.. Most spills will wipe up with a damp rag, and they're polyester, so you can throw them in the wash. They come in 4 sizes, 70" square, 70" round, 78" rectangle, and a 94" rectangle. We have lots of patterns and colours in stock, and limited stock in the 107" and the 126", which are the bigger sizes you would use for entertaining. Once you try these, you will be back for more. Our customers that spend winters in warmer places, also buy these. How do you know what size you need...? Think about how many are seated at your table, as a general rule allow 24" for each seated person, so if you seat 4-6, you need the 78" rectangle, and if you seat 6-8, you need the 94" rectangle. 

A gift of Neob Lavender from Niagara is a real treat...Lavender is a natural stress reliever, and the muscle & joint cream is wonderful for aches & pains. Come into our store #TheCamellia, or we can put together a Lavender Gift pack, and deliver for you. If calling from outside Thunder Bay, use our toll-free # 1-877-523-7444. 

Our #Brunelli Room sprays - with the coming of Winter, our rooms can get a bit stale, and these Room sprays do not contain chemicals or nasty things that make you ill.

#Beekman1802 Fresh Air Lotions are fresh smelling, and good for you - no nasty stuff in them. They make a great Gift for anyone. 

Plush furry Pillows, and 100% Cotton bedding - wonderful for someone that may be bedridden. 
This pattern is Brad, in stock in a Queen size, $199.00 (+hst) for Queen duvet, with 2 shams. In soothing shades of greys, taupes, and ivory. 

A bit of humour to lighten your day. For all your Gift-giving needs, Visit #TheCamellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. ( 10 mins. south from Thunder Bay Airport).