Friday, January 8, 2021

Time to do something Creative today, the Camellia and Cottage Paint.

Thunder Bay Flower & Gift shop, and Cottage Paint stockist. 

 We all like to start a New Year with a positive note and a large dose of Optimism for change and better days ahead in 2021. Yet here we are on Jan. 8th. 2021, with new Travel restrictions due to Covid, and a new level of unsettling violence in the U.S. Stores are locked-down again in Northern Ontario, until Jan. 23rd. sigh....

 It's time to get Creative, and turn down the noise and the News.

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We can allow ourselves to dream about all those Creative projects we want to do, but hey, Life gets in the way, and we can never seem to find the time to do them. There is quite often something in the way, a sick relative, meals to be made, this person needs a ride to there, and the list goes on. 

So what Creative project have you put on hold? It's time to make time for your projects. What supplies do you need? Can you use supplies from what you have on hand? Announce to any other household members that you are unavailable for the next couple of hours, and start working on your project. It has been proven that concentrating on a Painting  project will get your mind into a calmer, more productive space. You simply feel better! 

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Do you have a dedicated Creative space in your Home? ( A place where you can make a mess, where you can leave your unfinished project and walk away to do some other task.)

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Some of you are lucky and may have a dedicated Craft or Sewing room. If you are working on a shared space like a dining room table, it will be more difficult to find a block of time where the table will not be needed for other things, like eating meals. 

painting a cabinet door with white Cottage paint

Here is a project in our Mudroom/laundry Room. Cottage Paint was used ( the original formula), in the colour Cottage White, with a stencil on the doors below a sink. This is a plywood and oak cabinet which was in rough shape and 35+ years old. It is much easier to repaint an old cabinet ( less construction mess), as long as the old cabinet has no water damage. 

painting a fabric chair with Cottage Paint
Sometimes we may come across a good deal on an upholstered chair, however, the cost of custom upholstery may be prohibitive ( $350.00-$500.00 !!). Did you know you can Cottage Paint right over the fabric? See the Before and After of this project by clicking here:
This is perfect for an entranceway or at Camp. The Chair will feel like a vinyl or leather.

cottage Paint jars at the Camellia

Even though we cannot be Open, you can order #CottagePaint and supplies online, and pick-up at our Store location, or we offer delivery on certain days ($ delivery charge depends on your address).  
Phone us with any questions at 807-475-3551. 
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sweet peas blooms at the Camellia

Sending you a virtual bouquet of Sweet Peas from our Summer Garden! Stay happy!! 😊