Monday, January 28, 2019

Living Walls, & Cottage Paint greens, the Camellia.

Cottage Paint greens collage

 The colour GREEN represents healing, Life, the start of Spring, new grass and so much more. Cushion moss is used in the white bowl, along with reindeer moss dyed lime green. The colour 'Sour Apple' Cottage Paint was used to paint the old chair, which eventually will sit in a garden bed. The colour 'Lichen' Cottage Paint ( Serenity) is a soothing greyish green and looks beautiful on a wall. 

moss ball in urn

Cushion moss balls are a great, low-care alternative in Garden design. Green is soothing. How beautiful is this stone urn with a giant moss ball! 

green ivy on wall

Fresh green Ivy .......simple, yet stunning in a garden. 

living wall

A living wall ...with muscari plants. What a beautiful spot to have an outdoor washbasin! A living moss wall needs an irrigation system of watering tubes to keep the wall healthy. 

peacock on fence

A Peacock with all his beautiful feathers - various shades of blues and greens. There is so much beauty around us. We just have to look around us!. 

living fern in pot

When it's really cold outside ( just like it is now, -40 C), the green of living plants is very welcome, although the lack of humidity tends to make leaves a little brown on the edges. A light misting should be done every day with ferns and orchids.

living moss frame The Camellia

Here is a small moss wall which is in progress. Moss walls add that green element in a room, and this one has an inspirational saying stencilled onto a black ash round. We will have Living moss walls for sale at the #SpringhomeandGardenShow2019 taking place April 5, 6, and 7th. at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition grounds. 

cottage paint greens

Want to add a touch of Spring green to your decor? paint something green. 
There are many greens in the Cottage Paint line. From top to bottom: Pea soup, Sour Apple ( the colour in the jar), Lichen, Revere Green, Chive and Forest Shadow.
Come into our store, The Camellia, at 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. to see our selection of Cottage Paints. We have green wreaths for your spring decor, green-themed flower and dried bouquets, and much more. 
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Friday, January 18, 2019

What are we doing with our Time? January at The Camellia, Slate River, Ontario

It's a common complaint.....I don't know where the time went, how can it be 4pm. already? Where did the day go? 
I don't have enough hours in my day. 
How can it be the middle of January already? where did the time go? 
If only I had more time. 
I'm so busy! How about you? what are you up to? 

blue skies above earth

Did you plan a trip lately? You probably spent hours looking on, Trip Advisor and maybe Sunwing. Hours spent looking at reviews from those people  who stayed at the same Hotel you are thinking of booking. We have this insane need to know everything before we go anywhere....360 degree views of the hotel ! By the time we board the plane, we have spent hours trying to get the best deal on various Travel websites. 

laundry Biltmore estate

Here we are at Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, in the Laundry Room. The amount of hours that went into doing the laundry! 

porcelain laundry tubs

laundry room at Biltmore

We are lucky we don't have to spend hours, or days, doing Laundry. Now we have all kinds of Washers and Dryers where we load the clothes, push a button and walk away. We all know people who are spending so much time on the internet - buying all manner of nonsense on Ebay and Amazon. We may get carried away with online auctions, and end up buying items we don't really need. 

field of red tulips in Holland

What most of us really want is more Time, time to stop and smell the Tulips. so the question we need to ask ourselves is this: what are we spending our time on? What would we like to be doing instead of our 'Have-to-get-done' list? 

paint pour class at The Camellia

Here's an can take a Paint Pour Class at The Camellia. How fun is this? 

apple bake

You may want to try baking from scratch. Look at this yummy Apple bake.
What to get more done? Then working fewer hours is the key. 

magnolia table book at The Camellia

We have this wonderful cookbook from Joanna Gaines in our store. 

birds nest enjoy the journey

Stop for a second and think about the contrast of how much daily living consumed our lives centuries ago, and now, we have everything so much more streamlined and it's still not enough. We continue to push more and more into our lives. Enjoy the Journey, and come visit us here at The Camellia. Take a Class, and get some Spring inspiration. 
The Camellia, 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On. 
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