Saturday, February 11, 2017

MOST loved Valentine's Day Gifts, Thunder Bay, On

It is often said that, most of the time,  we treat the ones we love quite badly, taking them for granted, not doing nice things for them, and sometimes we are just plain mean to them. That's why it's nice when Valentine's Day comes along, and we are reminded to do something nice for the ones we love. 

Valentine's Day sign The Camellia, Thunder Bay

send roses Valentine's day, The Camellia, Thunder Bay

Used to be that Red Roses were the traditional Valentine's Day gift, but in today's cheap-grocery-store-world roses have lost that I'm-giving-something-special appeal. Most Roses don't even smell anymore. 

So how would you finish this sentence ...Love is...?  If you are thinking about what to get for Valentine's Day, here are some Gift Ideas from The Camellia in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Goats' milk Beekman products at The Camellia

Gift Pick #1. FRESH AIR BEEKMAN 1802 GIFT SETS - from $49.50. Say hello to Beekman 1802, made from Goat's milk. Goat's milk delays signs of skin aging, due to its high content of alpha-hydroxy acids. It reduces skin inflammation, and is packed with vitamins like D,C,B1,B6,B12 and E. Goat's milk helps with treating acne. You can buy Beekman products at The Camellia. From $49.50,

Rocky Mountain Lavender , Neob Lavender, Lavender bunches, the Camellia


This Gift is perfect for those who never take care of them selves. Lavender helps relieve stress, relaxes, and helps you sleep. Choose from Neob Lavender Soap ( Niagara-on-the-lake), Rocky Mountain Lavender Body butter, and deodorant, essential Oil of Lavender, Neob Lavender Lotion, Napa Lavender soap, and farm-grown Lavender bunches. $75.00 and up. 

Mussels n more Pottery mug, a day at the Beach gift set, The Camellia

GIFT PICK: #3 - A Day at the Beach Gift set - A Day at the Beach Apron, in navy blue pinstripes, with a handmade Mussels 'n more Pottery mug. And a Napa Soap Beach bar. Add sailing- themed leggings, and a breezy scarf. $75. and up

Mais oui, Paris Gift set,  The Camellia

Mais oui, Paris themed Gift set - with Eiffel Tower scarf, & Apron with Napa Lavender soap, and French vintage cushion. From $95.00

a day at the beach class at The Camellia

A Class at The Camellia - all of our Classes for Spring and early Summer are up on our website, you can purchase classes online or call and sign up. have Spring burlap Wreath classes, DIY Floral crowns, A Day at the Beach workshops, DIY Barnboard classes, Cottage Paint classes, and Spring stencil workshops. classes are also listed online in events in the  Walleye magazine.

Napa Valley apron The Camellia

funny wine sayings The Camellia

Napa Valley gift set -  A lovely screen-printed Napa apron, with a bar of Napa Cabernet Soapignon soap, printed scarf, and wooden wine saying plaque,  $106.00  an up. 

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