Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I just want to sleep....! How to get a good night's sleep, The Camellia

We all know that feeling..you're exhausted, you fall into bed, you wake up at the crack of 3.30 am and can't get back to sleep. The more you stay awake, that situation at work with Ms. know-it-all starts playing in your head, you think of some errands to run, then you think, I should just jot that down right now, I'll never remember in the morning. You may as well run to the bathroom, you're awake anyway, you trip over some clothes your spouse has left laying on the floor(AGAIN!!), by now you're angry and fully awake. Will you ever get a good night's sleep?

Image via Pinterest.

Well, let's take a good look at your bedroom   ....... is it a calm, serene, place to be or does it look like the photo above? It has been proven that making your Bed every day just makes you feel better, think about that feeling when you walk into a hotel room, and the bed is beautifully made, the room is spotless, and you instantly feel more Relaxed...... 

How hot is it in your room? Your room should be cool,( 65ish or so) and leave a window open for some fresh air. Ideally your bedroom is DARK, and has room-darkening blinds or drapes on the windows. Are your sheets soft and comfy...? 100% cotton sheets are lovely, this is our cotton-rich Collection which we sell at The Camellia. It feels like cotton, but is polyester. Our quilt sets  are a great price at $69.00, this includes 2 shams. 

Remember to wash your sheets and quilts separately, ( no mixing them with towels and fleece pj's). Why not? They'll get raised pills ( bumpies) all over.  Tablets, smart phones, laptops and TV's all emit blue light, which the brain interprets as sunlight, so get off your gadgets 1 hour before bed. 

Now that it's September and the days are getting shorter, it's harder than ever to drag yourself out of bed to head off to work. Head into The Camellia and treat yourself to an new quilt. 

Our Bamboo sheet sets, priced at $39.99 for a Queen 6pc. set. Why not paint your old furniture with Cottage Paint? Start on Friday night, finish up by Sunday night. Clean & paint, no sanding or stripping, just paint. Cottage Paint does not smell ( low voc's) so no need to move your pieces to the garage. 

Beautiful shades of pinks and burgundys. 

These quilts are printed, not pieced. Backing fabrics vary from the front.

This blue quilt has beautiful stiching, and pairs up nicely with #CottagePaint Naples blue, and Narvik blue. 

This printed plaid would look lovely in a Lakeside bedroom. 

Can Lavender Oil help with anxiety and  restlessness.......has this been scientifically proven?  Philip Rouchotas, Msc,  ND from the Bolton Naturopathic Clinic in Bolton says yes. 
Lavender oil affects serotonin communication in the brain, and appears to especially affect specific areas within the limbic system which is known for its role in emotional regulation. It also 
helps with ptsd and chronic fatigue. At The Camellia, we sell Lavender essential oil, and lavender buds which you can place under your pillow. Or attend one of our Lavender workshops, our classes are posted here http://www.thecamellia.com/classes-at-the-camelia.html