Thursday, June 11, 2015

Your Dad - Dragon slayer.

Your Dad: Spider-killer, slayer of all Dragons ( under the bed and elsewhere), your #1 go-to for advice person, the person you ran to to plead your case when Mom was being nasty...  



We talked to a few different people about their Dads: "What do you remember about your Dad?"

"He tried to do things on his own, even if he didn't really know what to do, so he encouraged me by his example to try out a new skill. I had bought my first car, and the body of the car needed painting, I was going to use some spray cans, my Dad then bought me a paint sprayer and soon I was painting my brother's cars and other family vehicles.He had a strong belief in God - he was a Farmer, Don't worry, he would say, the Good Lord will take care of us." And, he did. 

"Tell us about your Dad.."

"My Dad was a man of few words. I often wished he would talk more. We never hugged much in our family - no open displays of affection, more of a business like handshake. Later on, when I was older, I realized that he would do anything to take care of his family. He was at home in Nature...climbing mountains near the rainforest,collecting rare orchids, and growing a kazillion varieties of crotons. He was my hero as one day he came home from one of his trips and brought me a real puppy, who promptly hid behind his briefcase." As I grew older I often screamed for Dad...Daddeeeeeee...! It's a tarantula, a snake, a bat... save me!!"

Take a moment to write down your stories about your Dad, if he has passed on, maybe this is the time to plant a tree in his memory, in your garden. 

Spoil your Dad this Father's Day, Sunday June 21st. with a special Gift from The Camellia. 
  • Hand-tied Fishing lures from Your Perfect Catch, buy and pay online ($3.49 ea.) at You can specify pick up at the Camellia. 
  • Bugs driving him crazy? Get Dad a MultiKap, with a tube of Breakout Buster. The MultiKap prevents bugs from biting the face and neck area, and  Breakout buster from Rocky Mountain Soap stops the swelling and itching. MultiKap $29.99, Breakout Buster $9.50
  • Get Dad a Foot Butter with pumice stone so he can start taking care of his feet. Foot Butter: $15.00, pumice stone $6.50
  • Does your Dad like to shave the old-fashioned way..he will love the Peppermint Shave Bar from Rocky Mountain Soap, Ladies, it's also great when shaving legs.$5.50 
  • And finally - the MAN CAVE sign, $32.50. We have a great selection of tin signs for Dads. He will appreciate having his own spot in the house, complete with recliner and remote. Maybe Dad has a favourite piece of Furniture that's looking a bit tired, surprise him by giving it a facelift with Cottage Paint. With a half an hour recoat time, you still have time to get your project done in time for Father's Day. 
Don't forget to attend the  125th. anniversary of the C.L.E. on Saturday, June 20th. 2015, at the CLE grounds, from Noon- to Midnight. Free entertainment &  parking.  Head to the area behind the Sportsdome.  

Come shop in-store at The Camellia at 30, Hacquoil Rd. Open this Wed. 11-5, Thurs. noon-6, Fri. 11-5,  Sat. 11-5 & Sunday 12-5. 
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