Friday, June 19, 2015

Celebrate Summer Solstice at The Camellia

It's Summer!! Seems like we spent months waiting for the weather to get warm and for the rain to stop. There is nothing like this view..spending even 10 minutes by Lake superior at Thunder Bay's Waterfront Park will rejuvenate your spirit. 

It's Thyme to GROW - Plant a Garden, fill up your planters, do windowboxes on your patio. Decorate with our hand-made metal GROW sign, available at The Camellia.

The blooms of late spring - apple trees all awash in pink. A miracle really, given the cold ( close to zero) nights which caused some of the blooms to freeze. 

Another Summer pastime is getting all the Antique cars out of the garage - nothing like going for a ride in one of these, you feel like a movie star riding around.

And all the Lilac blooms are out ...pick armfuls for Bouquets.Their smell is lovely. 

Our metal pockets made from old ceiling tin tiles - perfect for all year round decor. There are 2 left for sale. 

Our very old dresser got a Cottage Paint makeover - Paris style. This is a 2-colour distress with Flamingo, Dragonfruit, and flat wax on top. Come into The Camellia to see our extensive Cottage Paint line. 

We have lots of Garden decor items - like this small tin lantern. 

And acrylic crystals to add to your pots - they reflect the light and look like waterdrops.

Visit The Camellia - 30/32 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On
Open Wed. 11-5. Thurs. 12-6. Fri. 11-5. Sat. 11-5. Sun. 12-5
This Saturday June 20th.we will be at the Heritage building at the CLE from 10-4, at CELEBRATE. 
The 125th Anniversary of the CLE is on this Sat. June 20. from Noon-Midnight.

See you soon!
Happy Summer Solstice!!

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