Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flower Power

Never underestimate the power of flowers!

No, not the whole hippie movement, counter culture, Vietnam War flower power!

Literally the power of flowers.

Their colour and scent can lift you out of funk, lend an elegance and warmth to your space, and German scientists think their scent can help us to have sweet dreams (literally).

Take a moment and think back to the spring (I know it feels like winter for most of us)...close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture it - your garden awash and alive in various bursts of colour, or your local farmer's market with buckets of gaily coloured flowers, all shapes and sizes. Slowly exhale.

Don't you feel better?

There it is...the power of flowers.

If you're still doubtful plan a trip to the Netherlands - they are the major supplier of flowers to Europe, North American, and South America. In fact, flowers and the flora culture industry generate over $3 billion dollars annually, making it the economic backbone of the country.

I'm lucky enough to have relatives there (yay for in-laws) so I've had the luxury of traveling there a couple of times and each time I land, it's the same feeling - that sense that no matter what, it's ok.

You land at the the airport in Schiphol and it feels like you've stepped into a fairytale, surrounded by gardens of flowers - tulips, carnations, camellias, and a host of other flowers. Airport display screens boast flowers; every store (apparel, restaurants, gift shops) has a gorgeous flower creation (it really is an art form) outside, enticing you to come in. Even the cleaning carts are adorned with tulips!

I find them such a a joy to behold but I've clients who've "confessed" to foregoing their fresh flowers and relegating their faux flowers to their closet because they don't think there's a place for them amidst clean, contemporary design. All the while, they may just need to be rearranged into cleaner lines, maybe a stunning glass vase.

If you love fresh flowers, but don’t like the mess and the work involved you may want to try our Faux Botanicals. They are incredibly life-like, and little is required of them except an occasional blow-dry on a cool setting.

On the off chance that you're ahead of the game (and if you are please tell me how you do it) and are considering Christmas presents (I'm shuddering just typing the word) a Gift certificate towards a Custom botanical arrangement would be an interesting option for all your hard to please giftees.

Well the weather forecast actually calls for sun this weekend so take a well-deserved break, go for a Fall drive and stop in and vist us on Hacquoil Rd. If you've the time, might I suggest meandering over to Belluz Farms and the Cheese Farm on Boundary Drive, as well as, the De Bruin’s Greenhouses for farm fresh Veggies.

See you soon.

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