Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Step away from the black

 Step away from the Black and embrace colour. Everywhere you go, Black is a uniform. A busload of tourists unload at the Ice fields in B.C. almost all are wearing black leggings. Waiters and Waitresses at restaurants are all wearing black. If you too are wearing black, look out.....when you get up from your table, someone will ask you to get them a drink or something. has this ever happened to you? You are slightly put out by their request and the person that asked you feels ..well..silly. and kind of embarrassed.   Business people wear black to look professional. And ..the situation gets compounded when it's Winter and some people lose all their colour, all that black is not too flattering with very pale skin. In Victorian times, black was worn to symbolize a period of mourning. Women showed their grief through wearing Black which represented the lack of light.
It is quite symbolic that we are mostly wearing black in this day, what are we mourning for?

Brown is not as harsh as black, but still looks lovely. Come into The Camellia today to see our Shrugs, they come in one size and many colours.

You can jazz black up with purples and blues, throw a scarf on, and instant style! We stock many colours and  the Infinity scarves .

 Pattern can change things up, like this Vera Bradley handbag, along with a hand-made scarf from Sarah. Sarah is an artisan and draws her inspiration from Lake Superior.

Neutral handbags are always in style.

Add a flirty, pretty scarf  ... no-one said that you can't look pretty and be warm .

The colour Red is an instant pick- you-upper. Come visit #TheCamellia today for a new handbag, scarf and other accessories. 
30, Hacquoil Rd. just 10.mins. past the Thunder bay Airport. p-(807)475-3551

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