Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Open House 2014 at The Camelia

The best time to decorate for the Holidays is now. You are warmly Invited to our Christmas Open house at The Camellia .

Above is our signature Magnolia Wreath with Birch twigs...beautiful for any season.

This is out most luxuriant Evergreen with Magnolia wreath..a  dramatic entranceway piece.

      The matching door swag for the wreath in the previous photo.

We are all familiar with the TV ads showing a beautifully decorated Home with a family sitting around a festive table, enjoying a fabulous home-cooked meal. Reality is sometimes far removed from this picture,
"What's that ###%% thing on the door, I can't even close the door properly?!"
"OMG...that wreath is shedding on the carpet....."
"Why can't you have a fake tree like everyone else , that way we can shove it in the closet,  ornaments and all.."
"Do we have to put up a tree..let's just go to Barbados.."
"Just throw the thing in a Gift bag, you don't expect me to wrap the thing up...?"

If you love a beautifully decorated Home, then start now. Come out to our Christmas Open house at The Camellia. See the Handmade, Vintage, the new Greys with Frosty Whites. Bring your photos in on your phone, or email them to us, we can help you with what to put where. Our Christmas Open House is on this Sat. Nov. 22, & Sun. Nov. 23rd. and continues all next week and next weekend, Nov. 29, and 30. If you are going on the Christmas House Tour, we will be Open early on Sunday, Nov. 23 and will close late.
Sat. 11-5
Sun. 10-6.

In and out of the ditches cutting red osier dogwood branches, make giant cedar and twig wreaths.

Have box, will travel. A wreath makes a perfect Gift for someone who used to live here, and now lives out in some other part of Canada. Simply place wreath in box, and mail or send by bus.

Since it's all evergreens, it doesn't matter if it freezes. Imagine the delight and the aroma of fresh greens, you can't bottle that. Try to get your orders in early, especially if it has to be shipped. A round of Gouda cheese from Thunder Oak Cheese Farm would fit nicely in the middle.

We have some large statement wreaths, and garlands at crazy reduced prices, and lots of ornaments on 40 to 50%off. Picks, pointsettia bushes, huge decorated garlands, large wreaths, ornaments, and lots more!

If you are going Black Friday shopping in Duluth, you can stop in here first, shop, and leave your purchases here for pick-up or delivery later in the week.

The Camellia, 30, Hacquoil Rd. off Hwy. 61, 


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