Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter

Seems like everyone is celebrating the 4 day long weekend. Easter seems to come way too early for me, I somehow expect warm weather, green grass, and fuzzy-wuzzy yellow chicks, RIGHT NOW. Not in 2 months.  Have lots of  memories of racing off to the seawall/ beach to go Kite flying, the vehicle loaded up with all my cousins and large containers of food. Reality here has been snow and ice, and mucky mess outside, and no sign of Mr. & Mrs. Robin.

I want to see Flowers, and green grass. How about you? 

Pansies are so cheerful 

We are now taking orders for Willow wreaths...all sold out at the moment. Call 475-3551 to put your name on a waiting list.

Cheer someone up this Easter with  some flowering Spring bulbs.

Can't wait until the Robin shenanigans...they build their nests in the most unsafe locations, then start clucking at you in annoyance because you need to use whatever it is that they have built their nest around. Of course there is that moment of sheer delight when you spot Robin babies in their nest. 

Come visit us at The Camellia -- we are Open Easter Saturday, April 4th.2015 from 11-5p. Sunday from 12-4p. phone (807)475-3551. 

Don't forget The Spring Home And Garden show is coming up next weekend - April 10, 11, 12th. 2015 at the CLE & Sportsdome. 

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