Thursday, March 26, 2015

Flower Power at Canada Blooms 2015, Part 1

A visit to Canada Blooms is a must for winter-weary Canadians. Flowers always  make you feel better. This show is held  every year  at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. Orchids have such showy blooms, and the flowers last for a long time. You can purchase Potted plants, fresh flowers, spring & summer bulbs, and a huge variety of products related to the Backyard & Gardening. A love of Orchids was instilled in me by my father, who collected rare orchids in the interior of Guyana, on his expeditions into the Rainforest. Of course, as a kid you don't pay too much attention to plants and flowers, except maybe to use the blooms in a pretend Tea party. 

Colour is so welcome after the dreary whites and greys, Even if you have killed every plant, you should try these Primulas. And they smell really nice. 

I was pleased to see Canadian seed companies, carrying native seeds. It makes sense to plant varieties that thrive in our Canadian climate. 

Tall planters filled with green foilage welcome you to Canada Blooms. Don't you just love the way the designers used ribbon streamers?

Tulips and Rhodos. So exciting to think that Gardening season is coming soon. I can't wait. How about you? What are you thinking about planting this Summer? 

Beautiful Hellbores. These plants like full to part shade.

Some of the spectacular Floral designs. 

You could buy Plumeria from Hawaii, this is usually a plant that grows in the Tropics, also known as Frangipangi. 

I choose a blue variety. On the way home, I sat next to someone who lives in Hawaii who was working at the show. She told me that the plants will not bloom unless they are outside and can get pollinated. And when you bring them in for the Winter, they have to be in high humidity, and a bit cool. I have potted my Plumeria stick, and nothing is happening so far.

That's all for now, we will continue visiting Canada Blooms in another post.
Visit The Camellia at the upcoming Spring Home & Garden show, taking place April 10,11,12 at the C.L.E. and  Sportsdome

The Camellia, 30 Hacquoil Rd. Slate River, On

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