Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall's here

At least technically it is although it still feels like the dog days of summer with temperature's in the 80's. While it'd be nice to pretend it's summer and lollygag around, sadly it isn't ... school's back in session, and so are we.

This week is our Autumn Splendour week kicking off on September 23rd with our week-long Great Autumn Sale. Enjoy 30 - 50% reductions on select products including bath products, table linens, curtains and much more. Contact us at or at 807.475.3551 with questions or requests. Sale wraps up Sept 27th!

September 26 - 27 is our annual Fall Open House. Visit us on Saturday from 11-5p and Sunday from 12-5p and take in our new fall bouquets and wreaths. Custom designed with natural flowers and foliage, no two pieces are alike.

This season's must-have: our Magnolia and Birch wreaths, recently featured on the 2009 cover of "Handmade in Thunder Bay," in classic dark brown and green earthtones.

Check out our essential oil blends to help you survive the upcoming flu/cold season by breathing easy while still looking fabulous (there's nothing attractive about the sniffles and a runny nose).

If you're like me and your idea of being whisked away from it all has to do with flowers, try our "Smell of a Flower Shop" direct from France; if you're like my son whose tastes are more epicurean, then you'll appreciate the scent of Crème Caramel from Aromatique wafting languorously through your home.

Upcoming workshops:
September 26th: Celebration of Sunshine
October 3rd: Designing your Thanksgiving Centerpiece
October 3rd: Lake Superior Fall Wreath.

Please contact me to reserve your place: or 807.475.3551.

Well I’d better get back to it – I’m taking advantage of the continued good weather to harvest and dry our garden flowers; also working on hydrangea and oregano wreaths, and designing French Linen Laundry bags (part of the Pretty & Functional line).

Hmm...mental note to self: take a moment to stop, breathe and be inspired by everything around me. And for my readers: Dream, design, decorate, re-invent old spaces, and notice the beauty everywhere!

See you in the country.

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